Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrap Yourself In Awesome Sauce

And the WINNERS are... announced here.

We all have our own little obsessive/compulsive tendencies idiosyncrasies. There are some things that I am extremely particular about like my refusal to to eat generic macaroni and cheese in life.

While many woman have a passion for shoes and purses, I am completely neurotic about socks. Socks that are worthy to adorn on my precious little tootsies must be thick, cushy, extremely warm and cozy. Come to think about it, I have the same criteria to be met when purchasing bath towels and snuggle blankets too.

Mr. Weasel and the gang openly roll their eyes and laugh at me anytime I pass by any of these items when shopping. I will stop, touch, pet and squeeze to test and see if they make the grade. Rarely, do I find anything that earns the WeaselMomma seal of approval. Oh, but when I do I stock up immediately like you would if you found an oasis of water in the middle of a desert.

I am extremely nuts particular when it comes to blankets. I love blankets. All of the Weasels love blankets. We burrow in them while in the living room. The kids keep them wrapped around themselves while eating breakfast. They get carried around the house as if everyone here is trying out for the part of Linus in a live action Charlie Brown movie. The Weasel children hoard the best and most favorite blankets in the house, as they are as particular as their mother in this area. We have well over a dozen throw blankets in Weaselville, but the softest and coziest ones are never large enough to cover both your feet and your shoulders at the same time without having to curl yourself up into a fetal position and the softest ones always wear thin the fastest or lose the softness after the first wash. This is always highly annoying to me.

So when Sweatshirt approached me to review their blanket, I thought "Bring it on!". It was highly unlikely to fit my extreme criteria of blanket euphoria. I checked out their website and read this braggy little blurb:

The sweatshirt blanket is perfect for warming you up at the big game, picnicking on a cool fall day, or just curling up on the couch with a good movie. This sweatshirt blanket is made of heavy weight jersey fabric, allowing this blanket to feel just like your favorite sweatshirt! The warmth and comfort of your favorite sweatshirt in a blanket! These sweatshirt blankets are made of ring-spun heavyweight sweatshirt material. Your sweatshirt blanket will be shipped folded with a shoestring closure.
The great fabric that these sweatshirt blankets are made out of allows each sweatshirt blanket to be washed and dried without shrinking. The sweatshirt blanket fabric is also great because it has an anti-pill finish. The anti-pill finish means that you don't need to worry about pesky lint balls forming on your blanket eventually thinning the thickness of your sweatshirt blanket. These sweatshirt blankets are wrinkle resistant. Your sweatshirt blanket will stay vibrant for a long period of time because of the great colorfast (anti-fade) fabric.
The sweatshirt blanket is large in size measuring 54" by 84". The large size of the sweatshirt blanket makes it convenient to cuddle up next to your loved one while watching your favorite fall sporting events.
Ha! I doubted that this product would live up to the companies claims.

I waited for arrogantly for the blanket to show up at my door. The Sweatshirt Blanket Company had no idea what they were up against. I am too picky about such things.

Upon opening the package, the view of the blanket itself was hopeful. It definitely would make me run the squeeze, pet and rub test were I to see it in a store, so I did. WOW! It was amazing! Super soft, thick and cozy, I was already backtracking on my arrogance. I opened it up to wrap it around myself to find that it was huge! Oh yeah, this would cover my feet and shoulders and still have room to share and cuddle with a Weasel or even the Mr.

Immediately I was cozy and warm, enveloped in it's thick softness. It was love at first cuddle. Oh, and did I happen to mention that they came personalized with my logo and choice of color? Yeah, that made them double cool! I mean like, mind blowing coolness wrapped in awesome sauce. They look awesome, feel awesome and fit all of my high standards of softness, thickness and size. I ran it through the washer and dryer after finding Boy Weasel and the Dog sharing a cuddle with it to test that colorfast/no pilling claim and imagine my disbelief when it came out just as fantasmic, if not more so, than when it went in.

We are on the heels of the outdoor track season and you better believe that it's coming with me when I dress up like an Eskimo for those early morning events.

I was furnished with 4 of these blankets for review. A friend of mine felt one and insisted to buy one on the spot. I gave one to my dear friend Patsy for her birthday and she too fell in love. Her daughter was so jealous when she saw and felt it ("Hey, where's mine! What am I chopped liver?") that Patsy immediately bought one for her. I'm telling you, this blanket rocks! The Weasels are now ticked and they each want their own too (even though we already have so many throw blankets). They will gladly donate all of their old favorite throws to Good Will to replace them with the Sweatshirt Blanket.

Just to top off a good thing with some whipped cream and cherries, these blankets make for a great fundraiser for your local school, scouting troop or non-profit organization. They retail for $30 each, but you purchase them for $19.48 (minimum 12 blankets per image) and personalize your color and logo.

Oh, you would also like some awesome sauce to drizzle on top? Well okay then, how about this: Sweatshirt is going to give TWO of you lucky readers a World Of Weasels blanket, PLUS SIX MORE BLANKETS with your choice of personalization to donate to your favorite organization, company or blog! Check it people!!!!!!!!

Want one? I knew you would ~and they really are increderiffic~ Just enter the giveaway by:

  1. Visit and leave me a comment about what color and logo you would choose for the 6 blankets you will donate. (1 entry) *Mandatory to enter.
  2. Pick a great cause that saves lives to donate your 6 blankets to for fundraising purposes , i.e. SIDS of Illinois, for 5 extra bonus entries (and remember you still get one World Of Weasels Blanket for yourself)
  3. Tweet about this giveaway and send me the link. (1 bonus entry)
  4. Follow World of Weasels with RSS feed or click on the 'follow' button and let me know. (1 bonus entry)
  5. Follow Me and Sweatshirt Blanket Blog on twitter and let me know. (1 bonus entry)
*All entries must be submitted by 12:00 am Monday, March 22, 2010 (That's Sunday night people).  The winner will have 48 hours to after I contact them to respond and Claim their prize.  Don't forget to leave me your email address either.  If I can't contact you, you can't claim your prize.
    I don't care if you leave me 1 comment with all the info or separate ones. If you want to cut to the chase and flat out buy a World of Weasels sweatshirt blanket for $30, drop me an email With a modest amount of requests, I will put an order of a dozen in.

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