Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Round - Up

Remember a time in your life when weekends were fun and relaxing?  Remember when your time was your own, to do with as you pleased after a long week?  Yes, it was indeed such a long time ago.  It was back when you would play soccer with a ball instead of your bust line and you actually could wear those size 5 jeans that live in your closet.

Life in Weaselville has been busy as ever lately.  The weekends are no exception.

Friday Night Mr. Weasel and I took the Weasels to dinner at a family friendly Irish Pub that is housed in a very old building that once upon of time had been some kind of warehouse.  We had been there once before and although everyone likes the place, None of the Girls will go to the restroom there without Mom coming along.  It's only this particular restroom that really creeps them out and they insist on an escort in arms reach at all times.  I have talked to some employees there and many of waitstaff have similar aversions to the ladies room and the attic.  There's lots of stories to be told.

Saturday morning Eldest Weasel was competing in the the State indoor track meet to run the 3200 relay.  I had her up and out early to catch the team bus for the 2 1/2 ride and the Mr. & I drove down shortly thereafter.  The girls did great and made us proud, even though they didn't place.

Mr. Weasel and I planned to stop for lunch before heading home and knew we had found a novelty when we spotted this place:

I laughed hard when we spotted this.  We simply had to try it, just so that we could say that we did.  You know before even walking into a place like this what the quality of the meal will be, yet we threw caution to the wind, ignored all the red flags and jumped in with both feet.

I laughed myself silly as we noticed all the warnings and took the plunge anyway.

  • Carlos O'Kelly's is located right next store to a Chili's that was jam packed, yet it's parking lot only has 3 or 4 cars, including ours.
  • The decor was more reminiscent of Key West than Mexico.

  • I thoroughly doubt that anyone named Carlos or O'Kelly has ever worked in the establishment that really reminded me more of a Denny's with a different color scheme.
I had really been hoping to find some novelty in the menu, like Corned Beef Burritos or something that fit in with the"Two things that should not go Together" theme.  Alas, all they had was food that made Chi-Chi's look like authentic Mexican Fine dining.

The con queso was the least cheesy part of the entire experience.

My lunch consisted of a dish on the menu that I had never heard of, but in reality turned out to be burrito carne de la nasty with rice cooked in tomato soup and refried beans fresh from the can.  The beans turned out to be the best part of the meal.

It's not just the lighting that makes this meal look so appetizing.  All in all, The Mr. and I had enough laughs to be worth the price of admission and bonus upset stomach and indigestion to take home with us at no extra charge.

Sunday came and I attempted to make a video for an online competition with the help of Weasels to handle the camera work.  Six hours and seven house guests later, the project isn't finished being taped, let alone edited.  I should really no better by now.

Ah, one of these days I will miss these crazy busy weekends.  For right now, I would be happy to don my size five jeans again.

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