Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Moments in Fatherhood

Father's Day Post are a dime a dozen today, an rightfully so, but I'm hoping to share a little funny with you that might be worth a nickel.

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there. The role that you play in all of our lives is an important one and you have some big shoes to fill.

Secondly, some back round; Mr. Weasel is a great Dad and spouse. He has always been a hard worker and his day doesn't end when he comes home from work. From day one, he has been an involved and hands on parent from diaper changing to sporting events and homework. He laughs and plays with the kids (and me), disciplines and guides them in life. He fills his shoes well.

No matter, we all have our moments when things don't come out of your mouth as you had intended. Things that sounded one way in our heads, don't always translate into the open air the way we thought they would. This happened to Mr. W. last weekend and I'm still laughing about it.

With Eldest Weasel having the new found freedom of driving along with the autonomy and independence that go hand in hand with the privilege, the Mr. and I decided to have a sit down with her and reiterate good decision making and the impact that her decisions can have on her life. We covered everything from what parties to stay at and what ones to leave immediately because trouble is brewing.

We have always taught the kids chastity in their lives, but know that we can not control their actions and they will make their own decisions. We just hope they don't choose poorly.

We covered with Eldest the importance of choosing the right guys to date and ditching the wrong ones.

Me: Never date anyone that doesn't treat you with constant respect. You deserve it and should never settle for less. You see the way that Dad treats me and the small little things he does everyday, i.e. making the morning coffee, to show love and caring. You see the way that Dad talks to me and jokes with me. That is the way you deserve to be treated too.

Mr. W: Yeah, make sure he is the kind of guy that will make you coffee in the morning!

Of course my jaw dropped. Mr. Weasel had not even caught what he had said and Eldest never let on that she even noticed his misstep. I excused Eldest and burst out laughing. I commented to Mr. Weasel that he forgot to tell her that she should always ask for cab fare home too! Mr. Weasel flushed with embarrassment at his gaff and shouted to Eldest, "Coffee after you are married!".

Well, that's my funny for the day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Happy Father's Day and I hope you have a day filled with many more laughs.

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