Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pre-Mature Father's Day

Let's say it out loud gang I'm poor and I'm cheap, the economy is in the can. We are all having to tighten our belts which is really hard as my waistline expands and be frugal about, well everything.

So when Red offered to send me an offering of my choice of their Father's Day wares for review, I jumped and said yes faster than your Senior Prom date. (That's your FTC disclosure) I could get Mr. Weasel the gift that he wanted for Father's Day and not chunk out the cash that I don't have.

Use the offer code 10offred to save 10%.
I visited the Father's Day Link from Red Envelope and to my surprise, they had lots of cool gear for Dad at really reasonable prices. Everything from novelties like a beer holster to cuff links. Lots of choices and prices that make frugal gals like I happy. I personally picked out The Mr. Beer Home Brewery would you expect any less of me. The Mr. had been wanting one and here was a great opportunity to get it for him.

When it came in the mail yesterday, I said "Happy Father's Day". His face exploded with joy when he saw this:

He tore open the box to see all the contents with the gleam in his eye of a 12 year old boy who had just seen his first Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition.
There is enough mix to make 2 full gallons of homemade brew and reusable bottles and barrel shaped fermenting container. It takes about 2 weeks to make a good brew or just one for beer I would drink. By the end of that time frame, I expect that Mr. Weasel will be looking as happy as this guy:

It's not to late to order from Red Envelope and have it time for Father's Day. Check it out. I did and I'm not just saying that because I got a freebie. That's my honest WeaselMomma seal of approval.

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