Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview With WeaselMomma Part I

Father Muskrat, who sometimes says things that are inappropriate, has accepted my bribe to be interviewed and sent me these questions for your enjoyment.
Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

I think I will accept bribes from 2 bloggers to send questions to.

1) How are you dealing with the rampant stereotyping facing bloggers named for rodents? Suggestions?
My ultimate goal is Blogoshrere domination. In that light, I try to use the stereotypes to my advantage. Who is going to take a rodent as a serious threat? So, I earn bloggy love by making them laugh and as soon as I have there guard down and they are convinced that Weasels are cute and funny and harmless, I send them Flat WeaselMomma. This is the death knell for any blog. I can put another notch in World Wide Web and move onto the next blogger to fall victim. I am not sure if I am Pinky, The Brain or the two rolled into one. As far as suggestions go, I think you should sign up to host Flat WeaselMomma.

2) More accurate portrayal of where you grew up: "Philadelphia" or "Rocky"? Incidentally, I love both (especially the latter).

I'm not sure that I have actually ever grown up. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. It was the location where the Movie 'Rocky' was filmed and set. You must be thinking about 'Rocky and Bullwinkle". I grew up eating both Pat's and Geno's Cheesesteaks, but for the record (this is also the answer to a question from The MicroBiologist) Jim's at 4th and South Streets has the best in the city. I grew up in a small Irish-Catholic pocket (two-Street) surrounded by a heavily Italian neighborhoods that South Philly is noted for. It was a pretty interesting place to live.

3) Is your affection for Coors because you once lived in the Rockies? Or because you've never tried imported beer? I'm confused.

I have never even been to the Rockies (However, if Coors would like to Sponsor a Fact Finding Mission, I'm game). I acquired my lust affinity for beer in college, where cash was limited and it was cheaper than soda. Of course I was drinking the cheapest thing available, Milwaukee's Best. If Bud Light was on special, I would go all top shelf and treat myself. Iron City Light was another popular and cheap favorite. So basically, having cut my teeth on cheap American Light Beer, I formed an affection. I have sampled the imports, but my palate has matured and grown to leans towards the crisp, clean, light flavor of the Blue Mountains.

4) Besides the one giving Google the bird, what other angry poems have you written?
Hmmmm. I have never been a fan of poetry, but the Google Poem just seemed to write itself. Once, in grade school, I believe I wrote a poem about my brother that started with "Hickory, Dickory, Dock........ Maybe I have wasted my talent.

5) Who is your favorite "mommy blogger" and why? Favorite "daddy blogger" and why?

This is almost an unfair question. There are a good handful of each that consistently entertain me. I am a total sucker for a laugh. NukeDad is the most consistent in making me spray my morning coffee or have incontinence issues in the Daddy blogger realm. My absolute favorite story of his is "Careful With That Punctuation, Sport!" There are many other Dad's who make me laugh also, but in an effort to take over the blogosphere I have systematically been trying to take them off- line. Like how I kidnapped Joeprah (twice) and started the Flat WeaselMomma world tour with BusyDad, who is still in therapy because of it and not only hasn't been able to post about it yet, but also finds himself unable to post regularly at all. FWM is currently with NukeDad, as I see him as a major stepping stone on my way to blog domination. We'll see how well the plan works.
Now onto the Mom's. Tougher question still. There are a few that should send me regular shipments of Depends. Suburban Scrawl has issues with people touching her meat, funny stuff. Half past kissing time is married to Buddy the Elf , can put her whole fist in her mouth and is scared to death of Tony Danza. And Heinous regales us with stories of how to torture jerkwad neighbors (Jim, this is payback for sending me such great and hard to answer questions for another interview post to follow shortly).

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nonna said...

i was gonna say, heinous, in the mom section?? lol but then i kept reading and i'm sure he deserved it.

so, you do know pat's and geno's, but you didn't tell me which of those two are the best! i guess i'll just have to eat from both and your fav, if i ever get up to philly. i don't know why i care, cuz i will probably never go to philly unless it's on the way to somewhere else but...i'm weird like that

Weaselmomma said...

@ Nonna ~ I like Pat's over Geno's, but they are both good and right across from each other. I like Jim's over both of them.

NukeDad said...

Fear not; the post is coming. In fact, FWM is going to the Monster Truck show tonight (C'mon, it's North Carolina!) and she's already in trouble for beheading Santa Claus. Details will follow, then she's outta here! You didn't tell me FWM was psycho!

Melisa with one S said...

Is this where I'm supposed to say "Interview Me"?? That would be so fun. And then maybe a cage fighting match after. Or a cup of coffee. Or some meat?

And by the way, what the hell do I have to do to get Flat Weaselmomma over here? I've got the agenda all ready for her, but she never comes over.

Weaselmomma said...

@ Melisa ~ You my dear are on the list for FWM. I am also going to put some interview questions together.

@ NukeDad ~ She can get into all kinds of trouble if you don't watch her. I thought BusyDad's slow going therapy sessions were warning enough.

Anonymous said...

Interview me

nonna said...

i am on the list for fWm too right? and can i be an interviewee but not an interviewer? i don't think i could think up good questions for somebody else, but i wouldn't mind trying to answer some :) yea, i know, i always gotta be difficult.

Michelle said...

I think you need to go into politics. While you mostly answered the questions, you really dodged beautifully -- definitely worthy of politics. Maybe you can replace Blago when he's ousted?

And I *think* the one you mentioned is the same one that was featured as "better than" in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I *think*.

a li'l bit squishy said...

Ah please...interview me!?!! And I think FWM should make a trip up here to Canada so I can introduce her to real beer, watch her stumble around and have a good laugh.

Mrs4444 said...

Wow! You've been BUSY. FYI, I'm linking to you in my post for tonight. Please tell your husband I am only kidding! :)

Heinous said...

Oh, the the mom section. Hmm... do I have to change my wardrobe now?

Father Muskrat said...

Great responses, though you did play politician a bit and refrained from giving definite answers to a couple. I understand, though. I'm not sure I could name just one fav mom and dad blogger.

Thanks for playing. Have a great remaining few hours of your weekend!

The Microblogologist said...

Oh crap, I just wrote a FWM post taunting NukeDad for not posting and forgot to check if he did or not, I so might be in trouble now... Not to talk smack (Okay fine, just a little) but eventually I will prove that the Squishy Canuck's beer is absolutely nothing to FWM, it shall be a glorious victory for the USA!

Can I reregister for IL so I can vote for you to be bagman's replacement? You'd be the least corrupt politician the state of IL has ever seen. If you could be Obama's replacement that would be even better (I'm not talking about the senate seat). Happy impeachment day!

BusyDad said...

Bwahahaha! Yeah, your FlatWeaselMomma pretty much was the beginning of the end for me. Every day it haunts me. And every day that goes by I think "an 8 x 10 killed my blog."

And it also killed my ability to break of time to even peek into my reader. Sorry to have given you a complex ;)

Oscar (still newbie) said...

I feel a bit out as I don't know a lot of these bloggers. Guess my time will come.

Sounds like a fun interview. What no pictorial?

Weaselmomma said...

@ Knot ~ I'll start working on that, you are my #2.

@ Nonna, you are on the FWM list and will be my bonus #3 interview.

@ Michelle ~ I could never run for public office. I had waaayyyyy to much fun in college.

@ Squishy ~ The interview slots are full, but I can add you to the FWM list.

@ Mrs.4444 ~ Loved your post!

@ Heinous ~ Don't go getting you panties in a bunch now, lol.

@ Muskrat ~ Thanks for the opportunity, that was great and your questions awesome. But like M&m's, they are all my favorite.

@ BusyDad ~ good to see ya! I hope that twitch goes away soon. I figure take down the leader and the bricks shall fall.

@ Oscar ~ For a good time, click my blogroll.

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