Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Slush Pile

I got nuttin'. All my best material has been rejected for making fun of my MIL offensive content. So rather than having you wait for actual quality, I will give you some fragments that can't sustain an entire post standing alone.

Flat WeaselMomma is on her first trip. That's right. BusyDad is playing host right now. I think I am having a great time and can't wait to read all about it at the Busy Dad Blog. If you would like to play host to Flat WeaselMomma and post on your blog about it, drop me an email @ -Yes, some of you are already on the list.

My Almost Contest is still underway. There have been some great entries. There have been a few I have wanted to declare as winner. Mr. Weasel however, is being as indecisive as Imelda Marcos when choosing shoes. So keep em coming.

Recent conversation heard in the nest #1
Mr. W: You'll never guess who found me on, insert online social network here, today?
Me: Mikhail Gorbachev? Who?
Mr. W : "J"
Me: "JP"? That's great, how is he?
Eldest: Who's that?
Me: An old friend of ours from college.
Mr. W: And Mom's old boyfriend.
Eldest: EWWWWW, You guys are gross!

Recent conversation heard in the nest #2
Mr.W: Check out the cover of EW. It's the new Spock and Kirk.
Me:(I could so care less about Star Trek, maybe if I just give an appropriate 'uh-huh' he will move on to another topic): Uh-huh.
Mr. W: The new Spock looks good, but I don't know if the new Kirk does.
Me:(oh, plan A didn't work, maybe a mmmm-hmmm) mmmm-hmmmm.
Mr. W: Oh come on, just take a look. It's the new Star Trek.
Me:~ As I take a look at the cover~(Maybe I will actually go see this movie. I could look at him for an hour and a half.) He'll do just Fine.
Mr. Weasel starts laughing at me. I think he can read minds.

Well that's it for the slush pile. I hope this stuff comes off the bottom of your shoes.

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terri said...

I want to host Flat Weaselmomma! When did this start? How did I miss this? Oh well, regardless, I think I could show her a pretty good time! (No, not like THAT! Get your mind out of the gutter. Sheesh.) Let me know!

Melisa said...

I'd be pissed off if I were Spock.

Tom said...

So, Mr Weasel just made a trekkie out of you, then?

Bad Momma said...

Make sure I'm on the Flat Weaselmomma list!
I'm surprised my husband has not mentioned the new Star Trek. He's sort of a purist and prefers the original. I'm with you on the new Captain Kirk! The old one never looked so good, even in his prime! (sorry William Shatner!)

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so bummed on Flat Weaselmomma... I'm in Orlando right now, and Flat Weaselmomma would have LOVED hanging out on our balcony. Oops me.

Oh, and I think both those Star Trek actors look creepy. Very plasticy and ummm just not yummy. Maybe it's the Star Trek-ness rubbing off on me extra hard.

nukedad said...

If we can take care of Flat Stanley, we can take care of Flat Weaselmomma! I hope we're on the list.

Manager Mom said...

Ohhh... Flat Weaselmomma...brilliant!

Hey, wanted to email you but couldn't locate your address, just FYI I am shutting down my blog and wanted to thank you for all of your comments and support and stuff like that. I'll keep dropping by and let me know if you want FWM to have a northeast stint. :-)

All the best, Jennifer aka Manager Mom

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know there was a new Star Trek coming out! SWEET! Of course, it can't be any better than the original. Sure the effects will be better, but I'll bet the script sucks tribbles!

I would love to host FWM but alas, with the boy and my two cats in my tiny studio, I'm sure it wouldn't be much of an escape from your house! LOL Maybe next year!

Big Bad Daddy said...

I'd like to book Flat Weaselmomma for sometime in January. I'd like to take her snowboarding. In other news I'm in the "Got Nuttin" club this week also. A Slushie sounds good however.

Momisodes said...

Hmmm, methinks I may just have to check out the Star Trek movie :)

The Microblogologist said...

Is it sad that I am excited for my turn with FWM and totally thinking of things to do with her?!

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