Thursday, October 30, 2008

On A Lighter Note

The Weasels are kind of twisted in their sense of humor and I've got to say that I like it.

This afternoon Smallest Weasel asked me to make her a hot dog for lunch. I complied and served it to her before continuing to work around the kitchen. In a style that only a 4 year old can, she started to protest that she did not want to eat a hot dog.
"That's good, because I made you a hot cat instead"
"a hot cat?"
"Yup, I made you a hot cat"
And the as she proceeds to stick her fork into it (no buns for this girl and refuses to let anyone cut it up) I start to meow in pain. She starts to laugh and eat. With every bite I 'Meoooooow' and she can't get enough. When she is all through she says:
"Mom, I din't really eat a cat"(as if I hadn't known).

"No, but you did eat a cow or part of one(I buy all beef hot dogs).

"I ate a cow?"

"Yes, and they taste good. Tonight when you are sleeping you should hear 'moooooo' coming from you stomach".

"I will?"

"Well that or meow."

"Mom, I don't eat cats"

"Have you ever had any really good Chinese food?"

"Awww Mom, every time we go to the Chinese restaurant I order a kitty cocktail"(translation= kiddie cocktail)

At which point I bust out laughing. "what do you do when all the cat hair gets in your mouth?"

"Mom, they skin the cats first." What on earth was I thinking?

"And then what do they do?"

"They squeeze the cat juice out!" How did I not know this?

Well that's my laugh for the day.

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Laura said...

Alright! I'm LOL, I needed that! I love kids!

Tom said...

Hilarious! It's so nice to have kids that can keep up with your sense of humor.

Mike said...

Kitty juice? I had my suspicions about your household and I think they are being confirmed. Meow....

terri said...

It sounds like such fun to live in your house! Except for the midget toilet. I don't like to pee with my knees in my face.

Michelle said...

I love those conversations. I absolutely love them! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one playing those ... unusal games with children :)

Mrs4444 said...

Mine, too (the laugh for the day). Thanks.

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

Meeooowww!! Kitty juice? I'm rolling! I love 4 year olds!

Sabrae said...

Oh how cute and funny! :)

Bad Momma said...

Too funny! I'm impressed that she continued to eat her meal!

Hope you had good Tricks & Treats.
FWM had a fun night. I've posted a few photos. More to come.....

OhCaptain said...

Very funny.

My youngest doesn't like, um, food. She likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese. If it's new, she won't touch it.

I've resorted to, "You don't remember eating this? Well the last time we had this you had seconds!"

"I did?"

(tries food)

"You are right, this is great dad!"

Someday, I this might bite me in the backside.

The Microblogologist said...

See if you tried that with Niecey she would have been traumatized and not eaten any of it. Mom made her a hot dog and was being silly and making it bark and act like a dog, Niecey REFUSED to eat it! She would play with it and pet it like it was a dog but eating it was completely out of the question. After awhile she would eat a hot dog if it were called a "tube steak". She has recently grown out of that phase where cute food is traumatizing if she attempts to eat it, thank goodness!

Weaselmomma said...

@ Laura, glad I could be of service.

@ Tom, Cracked me up too.

@ Mike, Bring your wife over for 'drinks' and Hors'devoures.

@ Terri, after a few drinks, the midget toilet doesn't bother you as much.

@ Michelle, glad I have someone to point to when Child Protective services knocks on the door.

@ The rest of ya, thanks for commenting and I hope I always offer you a laugh.

@ Mrs.4444, anything I can do to help.


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