Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October Surprise(s)!

Surprise by JRPMS.
I so do not want to bury yesterday's post, it is one of my favorite stories. I guess I am going to anyway, because it is Wednesday and my Halloween party is Saturday and I still don't know what costumes we will be wearing. I need to announce an Almost Winner for my Almost Contest. Mr. Weasel has been too fickle and can't decide on anything. He said this morning "How about I go as Mark Foley and you can be a Senate Page". This guy really creeps me out sometimes.

So, I am making the executive decision and declaring a winner. We may not be able to put it together in time but it was the idea that I liked the best and the competition was stiffer than insert your own analogy here. And the Grand Prize Winner of an almost prize of some link love and a $25.00 gift card to Pizzeria Uno (if you want it and have one in your state) is:

Tom of
Being Michael's Daddy Fame. His entry of Gilligan and the Skipper was cheap, easy, creative and sounded like too much fun. Email me at to collect your gift card.

And now, another Surprise that happened this morning. A friend of a friend(and that makes her my friend- that's just how I roll) has been stalking around here and occasionally leaving a comment. She's a great chick who lives far away from me and has actually been to my home, twice. She's witty and quirky and funny and just someone you want to hang around with(gotta love the run on sentence). Today she became a blogger! I didn't know that she was going to do this. She didn't even know that she was going to do this. But judging from her first post, I think she'll do just fine(but not in the same way as Captain Kirk). So do a personal favor for me and check out Nonna's Nonsense, leave her a comment if you like it and check her out regularly.

That's all the October Surprises for now. Congrats Tom And Good Luck Shannon(a.k.a. Nonna)

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Tom said...

Hooooray! I won! Yeah! And I love pizza, so that works out all around. Whatever you pick for your Halloween costumes, we expect to see pictures. Have fun!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congrats Tom! Very cool! I'm off to check out Nonna's Nonsense Blog!

terri said...

Hey, if you go as Mr. Weasel's idea, you can run around asking, "What's the difference between Congress and the Library of Congress?"

"In the Library of Congress you can't lick the pages!"

(Hey, it's the only joke I can ever remember!)

nonna said...

thank you so much for the shout-out weaselMomma! i read your blog and thought "ooo that would be cool if she was talking about me" lol surprise! it was me :-) thanks again for the love

Chris H said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Mike said...

You could go as Govenor Spietzer and his "girlfriend". He could go around with a sign on his back saying "Gov" any you could show up with a stripper pole. Just a thought...

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