Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Stupid

I am still trying to compose my thoughts as I type. This past week still has my head spinning like I just rode the Churl-A-Hurl. My suggestion to you is to have 2 or 3 stiff drinks before you read this post. It might make sense that way.

Okay, so I was whining blogging before about making an awesome funny video post. But the tech team was less useful than a bag of rocks having difficulties. I am happy to report that said team(intern quit by the way, can you actually have a one man team?) has overcome the obstacle and was able to upload the video to the Mac(after only 10 days). However, as I sat anxiously hovering over Mr. Weasel's shoulder watching the download, it is discovered that unidentified Weasel decided to make a video of the back of Boy Weasel's head recording right over the V-Blog. We later convicted Eldest.

In other news, the spontaneous combustion experiment is continuing. No definite results to report, but that's not for lack of trying. I am looking into property taxes and real estate in Nebraska.

Smallest Weasel, in all her 4 year old glory, has found numerous occasions this week to tell me "Watch and learn, Mom". It does wonders for your self esteem to get pwned by a pre-schooler. Especially when she proceeds to show you what looks like like a pole dance using the refrigerator door handle. Anybody have some Mylanta?

Eldest Weasel has been uncharacteristically kind and affectionate to me lately. This is reminiscent of the Godfather kissing you on both cheeks. I'm just waiting to get capped. Last night she zapped Mr. W and I with a real zinger to the effect of being seen with us is less desirable than having spiders lay eggs in her nose. We're back to her usual attitude. Not sure whether to mourn this or to be relieved that things are back to normal and her affection was sincere, although temporary.

On Thursday I received a phone call from a friend(and part time Lia Sophia associate) to confirm that I am hosting a jewelry party for her on Saturday. "Yes, Yes I am". The only problem is I FORGOT TO INVITE ANYONE! Helloo, what kind of idiot throws a party without guests? WeaselMomma, that's who! I scramble through my address book, begging for people to have mercy on my dumbass self and get about 10 confirmed yeses in exchange for allowing them to laugh at my expense. Well that and the promise of food and beer. Shoof, I can wipe the sweat from my brow. That is until I am up to my elbows in food prep on Saturday afternoon and the phone is ringing off the hook with cancellations. Either some form of the Mongolian Death Flu is going through the neighborhood or they heard that I bought a case of Schlitz. In the end I had 3 guests. Who else could this possibly happen too?

Just to round out the week, yesterday we took the time to re-shoot the V-blog. After about 25 takes(and numerous out-takes) we called it a wrap. I got exactly what I wanted and I would get to post it here today. Well that's what I thought anyway. It seems that Smallest Weasel decided to play with the lighting while I wasn't looking and thus the quality has the same effect on me as the Churl-A-Hurl.

On a good note, this morning Smallest Weasel -pretending to be a cute little puppy- crawled into my room and up into the bed to give me a big kiss and hug with an unsolicited "I Love you Mom". I guess I won't hand in my 2 weeks notice just yet.

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Michelle said...

Hee hee. I know it's bad form to laugh at you, but I get your week. It doesn't sound fun at all, but ... that's what we moms do, right?

If it makes you feel any better (since I'm home with the bronchitis wee one and the sniffly other wee one without having left the house since Wednesday), when I hosted an Usborne book thing for a friend of mine, it rained SO hard that I ended up with six people (including me and my mom) of the 18 who were supposed to be there. And this after I promised wonderful chocolate baked goods and drinks....

Melisa said...

I think there was something in the air this week, because many bloggers that I read (including me) are on heavy-duty downers or something. Hopefully this upcoming week will be much better for all of us; if not, maybe a can of Schlitz would help?

(UGH: I don't even DRINK beer, and I know that Schlitz tastes really bad)

The Microblogologist said...

I had trouble loading my last video, had to host it on youtube and had trouble with that too. Why do these things have to be so difficult! Hope everything improves soon.


Bad Momma said...

Who's on first?

First off, never agree to host a "Home Party". You'll lose more friends than if you didn't. You also end up buying stuff you don't need out of pity.

AS for the Eldest drama, I am so glad I have all boys. Good luck with that!

Camera issue: The price of digital cameras has come down. At Christmas, get them each their own and keep your locked up!

Hope this week is better!

terri said...

Lia Sophia? I would have come to the party! I LOVE that jewelry and have tons of it. (My sis is a sales rep.)

Sounds like it was a stressful week. Hope next week brings better days.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I would come to your jewelry part if I lived closer.(: Good luck!! I hope you have a super day!

Rick said...

It's those little hugs and kisses that come off as a big pay day. Interesting life you had - "Pole Dancing on the refrigerator handle" - very funny - sad, but funny.

Mike said...

So with that job is the benefits good? I'm sure the rest of the family is happy you didn't put in your two week notice either...

Tom said...

I swear, kids lie awake at night and plot the next day's terror. How else could they be so proficient?

Rick said...

Thanks Mother of Weasels, I just noticed that you signed up to be a follower. Now that we're both lost which direction do we go from here?

Mrs4444 said...

I loved it when my kids did the puppy thing; it's too sweet. I love it, because I don't have to let them outside at all, and they don't shed on my black pants.

Hope you didn't miss me TOO much; sorry I haven't been keeping up! Just be honored that I should be working right now and am instead reading your blog :)

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