Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Traded Like a Rented Mule

So it has officially happened. Melisa, over at Suburban Scrawl, has saved my ego and dignity. She saved me from a fate worse than showing up naked in high school. Saved me from flapping in the wind, out there vulnerable, on the trading block in the great minivan trade-up. She has traded up for me.
What was I traded for you ask? A Money Can't Buy Happiness Basket, but it can buy Weaselmomma! Here's a description of the contents:
1. A practically new (still has the fill-it-in-yourself id card in it) Brighton knockoff wallet: You may remember this wallet from this post.
2. A necklace from Coldwater Creek
3. Large assortment of new-in-package scrapbooking supplies, including a set of alphabet books
4. Four CDs to use for working out; one is 128 beats per minute all the way through and is great for ab work or resistance training (Hint: do you like N*SYNC?); three are custom blends that can be used for spinning or treadmill work (or even housecleaning: vacuuming is way more fun when you are listening to sprint music!)
5. If you're not the workout type, I have a new-in-package Hallmark CD: "Relaxing Instrumental Music, Volume 1"
6. One hardcover, never-read copy of Anna Quindlen's "A Short Guide to a Happy Life". Never read because I'm both too busy and apparently plenty happy enough.

Total value: $270

You all should be really jealous. Melisa and I are practically neighbors. We have hit it off blog style and will now get to do the real thing. We may become Friday night happy hour buddies, and you can all just drool an envious drool.

I wish all the luck in the world to Chris and his quest for a minivan, but I must say that I am relieved race horse style that my segment of the trade is complete. But I urge you all to check him and this project out. Root through the storage area and trade up!

This whole thing has been a real hoot. And I want to see it succeed. A something for nothing scam, how cool if it really works. I cheer you on in your quest Chris!

On a completely different note, I love to travel. I seldom get to travel. The last time I traveled(for pleasure anyway) Mr. Weasel and I took off for a romantic long weekend at one of our favorite destinations, that turned out to be anything but a romantic getaway. That's a totally different post, but one that I must blog eventually.

Anywho......I am taking a trip. All by myself! Actually it's a virtual trip. I am going to visit Busy Dad! Not really, but kinda sorta. Any of you who have children or know people who have children should be familiar with "Flat Stanley". I'll wait while you click the link.

Okay? All done? Well I am going to send out "Flat WeaselMomma" to Busy Dad. He is going to show me a good time in CA. Then he will post about it and send it back to me.

Anyone else interested in WeaselMomma coming for a virtual visit let me know in the comments and I will add you to the list of the WeaselMomma 2008 World tour. You just have to blog about all the fun things we saw and did.

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Bad Momma said...

Love the virtual tour! Perhaps we could do a cultural exchange. Flat Bad Momma to World of Weasels in exchange for Flat Weasel Momma ( Flat Stanley) to Bad Momma's Neighborhood!

I bet I would get the better end of the bargain!!!!

Melissa said...

Flat WeaselMomma...great idea! I would love to 'host' you but I think I'm only about an hour from you....

Seems all the cool bloggers live in the area!

I still have to start digging and see what I have for the trade.

Dad of Divas said...

Thanks for being a part of the trade up...it has been wonderful getting to know you and having you a part of the fun. I appreciate you putting yourself out there for others to bid on and Melisa and you will have a great time... look forward to hearing how the time goes!

Sandy C. said...

Love the virtual tour idea :) And yes, I am MUY jealous of your Happiness Basket!

Melisa said...

I TOTALLY want to host Flat Weaselmomma, even though it wouldn't be a long trip...what fun!!

I could get to know her in person first, and as long as she isn't a knife-wielding psycho, I can see a night out in our future!

BTW, I told my hubs about the trade and that you suggested that the four of us go out together, and he didn't wring my neck or anything, so I think we have a future double-date down the road...

Michelle said...

Oh that Flat WeaselMomma cracks me up! It's too bad this wasn't last weekend. We have a really cool "summer" ski jump competition out by my (the Norge ski jump!) but it was last weekend, and I've been looking for an excuse to go for the two plus years we've lived here! Maybe I can be part of the '09 tour.

Mrs4444 said...

Still wondering if we live near each other, too...Have you been to Colleen's Wisconsin Bloggers site?

The Microblogologist said...

This sounds like a blast! If Flat WeaselMomma would like a tour of the lab, perhaps be featured in a Guess That Gizmo, I am more than willing to host her =).


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