Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

As usual the weekend around here was pretty busy. Nothing major exciting, but I like it that way, but plenty of busy. I take that back. I did have my share of exciting, both good and bad.

1. Friday was Smallest Weasel's first day of pre-school. She was happy and excited to go. She knew that she would get to go after lunch so she started asking to eat lunch at 8:30 am and every 15 minutes after that. I dropped her off at the door with the teachers. She was too big to kiss me goodbye in front of her new classmates. My Older Weasels didn't start this behavior until 6th grade. All the Moms who who were dropping of their oldest child for the first time were fragile and in tears. I was doing a happy dance. Three days a week I will have 2 1/2 hours where I can use the bathroom without and audience!

2. Saturday morning Eldest Weasel had a city wide cross country meet. She ran 3 miles in 22:33. She placed 9th overall and her team won the race as a whole(if you don't understand how cross country is scored-go look it up, I'm feeling too lazy to link.). Not bad rabbit! We were mighty proud.

3. Saturday afternoon Smallest Weasel and Monkey Weasel went to go play at a friends house. All is well, kids are outside. Friends mom watching them and letting them roam through the quiet cul-de-sac playing with the other children who were out. That is until I go to pick them up and we are unable to locate Smallest Weasel and her 3 yr old counterpart. They said they were going to play with sisters X and Y, who's mom was also outside. They weren't there. We asked neighbor N, who was gardening. She said to check in her back yard, they were there earlier. Nope. Checked inside. Nope. Now I am not frantic, as all these homes are fenced and child friendly. All of the neighbors and the kids play together and in the summertime it's almost like a commune. That is until neighbor N says "Did you check A & B's pool?". Now it's time to panic. The pool is always locked, but things happen and little ones are creative. As a Mom who has lived through the unthinkable, I have never been so scared in all my life. Tragedy was not just a possibility in my mind, it was a probability. Thank God the pool was empty and I found them next door on the trampoline in back. They had told neighbor L, "yes, our Mom's know we are here." So neighbor L let them play as would be the norm. Relieved that they were safe, but angry that they lied and went where they weren't known to be, we went home and she straight to bed. Having her home and safe and Mr. Weasel near, I could no longer hold it together and had a complete meltdown. All Mr. Weasel could do to stop me from shaking was to put a medicinal dose of rum in my hand(actually it was 4 doses) and then put me to bed also. Maybe days like this and this explain the twitch in my eye.

4. Sunday afternoon Mr. Weasel and I forced Eldest Weasel to watch Saving Private Ryan. It was on and she is taking a class in World War II. It is easier to break a mustang on the open plains than it is to make a teen pay attention to something she doesn't want too. When it was over I asked her "Well, what did you think?''. The reply "It was okay". Coming from her that means I give it 4 stars.

5. Sunday evening made sure school clothes were ready and prepped for the week.

6. Monday morning find out Monkey Weasel forgot to do her home work and once again we left 5 minutes late for school.

Lucky for me that the good Lord has blessed me with a lack of short term memory for negative events. I can always remember the positives, but am able to block out the negatives as soon as they are over. Hence, today is a new day and all I remember form the weekend is watching Eldest Weasel cross the finish line with her new personal best time on that course and that this afternoon I will be able to go potty all by myself- just like a big girl.

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Dad Stuff said...

Sounds like a week full of positives to me.
Why do all pre-schoolers and kindergartners love lunch as their favorite class?
Happy school year.

Mike said...

Holy Toledo woman, that is a full weekend. Did you and the Mister get any time to yourself's?

Weaselmomma said...

We have learned to live with 30 second segments of uninterrupted conversation together. We can pick up after 3 hours, without missing a beat.

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