Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sweet Side To Commanding A Room

Fellow blogger Spuds of Blirred Reality has written a post that was so popular that he re-posted by popular demand. I'm glad that he did. It was some great advice on the topic of "How to Command a Room Like a General", that basically translated to 'How to act like a gentleman, with class'. It is an excellent and entertaining read, that I hope to expound upon today.

Thus, I offer you The Sweet Side of Commanding a Room, Ladies Edition:

First things first, the look; Be sure to look your best.

  • Be well manicured and kept. It doesn't matter if you do this yourself or have it done professionally, just make sure it's done. Clean, shaped nails, polished or not are a must.
  • Take care of the eyebrows and get rid of stragglers. Waxing is best. No caterpillars aloud.
  • Your undergarments are more important to the way you look than what you wear atop of them. A good bra can change your life ladies. Use body shapers to the fullest extent of the law (they make them for every issue) to conceal anything that you want (or need) to be concealed to be looking your best.
  • Keep your attire simple and modern, yet classic. Skip the frills and fringe of trendy fashions. Go for basic, classic and flattering, never go frumpy. Leave the ultra-trendy fashions to the tramp set those dependent solely on their looks and have little else to offer.
  • Do not carry a purse. It will only get in your way and have you fiddling with it all night and that detracts from your look. A good accessory will subtly add to your look and not distract from it. You only need to carry an ID, credit card and lipstick. Have your escort keep them in one of his many suit jacket pockets. This is much easier when you are married to your escort.
Enter the Room With Style.
  • Enter the room on the arm of your escort. Not holding hands or side by side. On his arm. It shows that you are a lady and expect to be treated as such.
  • Keep good posture. Slouching will make your stomach pooch and your shoulders look mousy.
  • Walk with a confidence (never arrogance) that commands respect. You will be noticed. Hopefully your escort knows how to carry himself.
Always have a fresh drink in your hand.
  • You don't have to be actually drinking them, but always be holding a fresh one.
  • Melted ice in a wilted drink is a no-no. Pitch it.
  • Never get your own drinks at the bar. That is the responsibility of your escort or other kind offers of the gentleman company you keep.
  • Do not actually drink more than 2 cocktails through the course of the evening.
  • Give the illusion of holding your liquor well, when in fact all you are really doing is holding liquor.
Shake hands upon introductions like you mean it.

  • You don't need to take anyone's arm off, but give an honest firm, feminine handshake.
  • Do not use the little limp wrist, 'I can barely hold up a glass because I am so weak' Scarlett O'Hara nonsense.
  • Make eye contact. Don't stare, that's creepy, but show the person you are speaking with that they have your attention.
  • If you Carry yourself well and shake hands feminine, but firm, the men will be intrigued with you as an attractive contender and not just a decoration. The women will interpret you as sincere in your greeting and you won't give them the 'I am repulsed by touching you' and 'too good for you' attitude.
  • Keep your words and comments gentle and complimentary with the ladies. Don't over do it with syrup. Be genuine and kind. Many women are already looking for a reason to hate other women. Don't give them ammo. Win them over with smiles and generosity of spirit.
  • As for the men, keep your words smart, your demeanor coy, your wit and tongue sharp but never mean. Think Katherine Hepburn or Grace Kelly -smart, classy, beautiful & could hold their own in any room -, Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand - beautiful, yet flaky and helpless. The combination of looking your best, being engaging and confident will intrigue and gain you respect from the men. The perpetual drink in your hand will help you get away with the sharpness of your tongue.
  • You are not an accessory, do not act like one. Be engaging. You are the recipient of the same invitation of everyone else in that room. Own the room.
  • Garnering the correct attention from men, believe it or not, has more to do with personality than looks. Granted, it takes the right look to get their attention, but it takes the right personality to keep their attention and leave a positive impression.
If you chat up the ladies and hold your own with the men as you carry yourself with confidence, you will soon have the room eating from one hand and the invitation to the next get together in the other.

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