Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm An Eyesight Junkie Now

Last fall, after being on the receiving end of regular teasing about my inability to see, I finally got around to having an eye exam for the first time in 17 years. There was never a doubt in my mind that I needed eyeglasses for reading, but I could see everything else just fine........or so I thought.

I flunked the exam so badly that the doc laughed louder than if he had been administering Harvard admissions interview to Lindsay Lohan. Call me Mrs. Magoo. Not only did I need prescription glasses, but I also had so suffer the indignity of Mr. Weasel doing his hyena impression for days on end once he heard the news that I needed TRI- FOCALS!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't see near, far or up close! And yes folks, I was out on those roads driving! Thank God that I had passed kindergarten with flying colors and could recognize that red means stop. Ya'll would have been in a world of hurt if I had been colorblind too.

The first few days of wearing the news specs made me so motion sick was a huge adjustment to my everyday life as I staggered around walking into walls and tripping over curbs even when I was stone cold sober. Who knew that the lawn was made up of individual grass blades and not just a large sea of green? Now that I am used to my glasses, I can't live without them. I am more dependent on them than Rosie O'Donnel is Cheetos. So much so that I think I may already need a stronger prescription. Kind of like an eyesight junkie.

My eyes have become so lazy that they are no longer willing to work hard to compensate for me, much like the Weasels and the thought of washing dishes without the benefit of a dishwasher. Heck, I can't even get them to rinse the food off of dishes, even with the benefit of a dishwasher! Recently, I have heard about people buying their glasses online and I got all excited. That is until I found out that you can't take the eye exam online. That would be really cool. Picking out frames online might be a bit tricky for me. I like to try those kind of things on before I make a choice, but am very much intrigued by the ease of getting them online. Have any of you ever tried it? How'd you pick a frame? How'd you like the process?

Are any of you thinking about trying it? If you are, would you like a 10% discount? is offering you, my lovely readership, the discount code of mommy10, even you guy types, if you are in the market for some new Magoos.

Oh, and full disclosure.........This post is all me all the time. I am however being compensated for the links therein. 'Cause let's face it people, I need a pedicure and it's not going to pay for itself.

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