Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Stanley Cup Runneth Over

Move over Miley Cyrus. It is I, WeaselMomma, that has the best of both worlds now.

NHL Eastern Conference Champions, the Philadelphia Flyers, my hometown team, my first love in sports, the fellas that make my blood run orange and made me all googly eyed as a teenager are going to the Cup!


NHL Western Conference Champions, the Chicago BlackHawks, the team of the city where I now reside. A team that I root for guilt free, unless they are playing my beloved Flyers. doesn't happen very often, being in separate divisions and all A team that has always held a fondness in my heart, as the first NHL game that I cognitively remember watching at the Spectrum with just my Dad and I was against the BlackHawks. I had scraped and saved to buy Dad the best seats that I could for his birthday nosebleeds with an obstructed view.

Now they get to face off against each other for Lord Stanley's Cup.

And just to add a cherry on top, I got to watch Philadelphia clinch the Conference Championship last night by shutting the Montreal Canadiens down in 5 games. With years of hating, cursing and Damning those SOBs straight to hell vicious and bitter rivalry culminating in watching 3 shutouts on behalf of the Flyers, before an exciting game 5 to put the Final nail in Montreal's coffin for the season. I got so excited, that I actually wet my pants a little. Shut up.

So, I am on cloud nine. If you want a favor from me, this is the time to ask. The only rub is that game 4 is smack dab in the middle of Eldest Weasel's Sweet 16 birthday party. I hope that all of her friends want to watch the game.

May God and Kate Smith both bless the Flyers and America, but what an awesome consolation prize I have waiting for me if things don't work out. My Stanley Cup Runneth Over and I am living the best of both worlds.

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