Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desperate Times

Anybody who has spent more than 10 minutes of their life reading this blog needs to get a better hobby knows of my affinity for Coors Light. I have gone as far as emailing my bloggy love letters to the wonderful folks at Miller/Coors Brewing Company, offering them an opportunity to send me free beer place advertisements here and/or help me bring in some scratch sponsor World of Weasels. I haven't heard back from them yet, although I did have 1 hit from Golden Colorado, even though the lovely automated response system said how much they appreciated my email and someone would get back to me shortly, but it's only been 2 months.

Anybody who pays regular homage to reading this blog needs professional intervention knows that I gave up beer for Lent.

NukeDad left me a comment in an effort to yank my chain filled with fatherly concern
about a possible conflict:

Not to harsh your mellow; but what if Coors Light calls you between now and Easter to take you up on your offer?

Being the industrious innovative genius that is WeaselMomma, I have come up with the perfect solution.Now before you all go screaming what a cheat I am, I will remind you that I did not give up alcohol for lent, just beer. This abomination is an affront to beer drinking humanity refreshing adult beverage does contain <0.5%>much the same way as eating deep fried Rocky Mountain Oysters satisfies hunger. As far as beer substitutes go, I do rank this better tasting than anything else on the market.

And so I am off to beg shamelessly for a sponsorship email this to the folks at Miller/Coors Brewing Company and urge you all to do the same. Maybe with enough harassment encouragement, They will see the unique marketing opportunity that could be 'Coors Light Presents World of Weasels'.

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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Wow... Near-Beer?

Didn't know they still made that stuff!

I'll gladly raise a glass of genuine Coors with you anytime; however, after years of hardening my palate with Guiness Stout, I don't think I'd enjoy Coors Light anymore.

Cheers (er, well, after Lent of course)

Kat said...

Hahaha you crack me up. This is hilarious.

Off to throw out my Hefeweizen in an attempt of fraternization.

Tom said...

So, you're saying this isn't beer? Hmmm... sounds like a "Tomato / Tomahto" kind of thing.

Anyway... I'll sport you a backing on this.

New-Dad-Blog said...

While I am usually a Bud Light man, the last time my wife went out of town I had a hankering for some "Banquet Beer"; OG Coors.

Things got out of hand and I ended up polishing off the 18 pack. . .

Mike said...

This is why I'm not one to hold up to religious rituals. Having to give up my indulgences for Lent would be way too hard for me. Don't have the will power.

Maybe I could just give up housework for the next few weeks. Such a sacrifice...

terri said...

I love the way your mind works. Genius.

So, if you stick to your commitment to give up beer during lent, are you gonna tie one on on Easter Sunday?

seashore subjects said...

I'm thinking you have to choose - either all alcohol or beer in all its forms...but hey, what do I know - I suck at not smoking. (but I'm great at avoiding chai and adding prayer) Maybe we could switch - I'll give-up beer and you do smokes?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Thanks for the evening laugh! Good luck WeaselMomma!

Michelle said...

I think you need to come with me and become Episcopalian. We don't give things up, I've learned....

WeaselMomma said...

@ Charlie ~ The Mr. Loves his Guiness. I can't palate anything of that quality.

@ Kat ~ What great support! Don't throw it out, just save it for after Easter.

@ Tom ~ Trust me, it can't even pretend to be beer for Halloween.

@ New Dad ~ Gotta love that Rocky Mountain goodness.

@ Mike ~ I need all the extra help I can get if I'm ever making it into the Pearly Gates.

@ Terri ~ Ah, somebody who understands me. I won't tie one on Easter Sunday, but I know what the Easter Bunny will be bringing me!

@ Seashore ~ You can give up chocolate without giving up candy. Soda without all caffeine. Same principle.

@ Michelle ~ That's Catholic Light!


Anonymous said...

i think i should give up commenting for lent.

oh wait

i'm not catholic.

hey! that means i don't have to get up shit! haha

personally i think near beer takes like soap so if you can joke it down that should def count and hopefully hold you over to sunday which i have learned is a "freebie" boy monday sure is gonna such though LOL

Oscar said...

Hey - if it comes up, Father Oscar will give you absolution.

I just accidently ate sausage with breakfast (Friday) He'll understand.

Hey if the archbishops can cancel meatless fridays when it snows, you can have your beer.

F S and HG. Amen

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