Friday, September 4, 2009

Doing Time

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Brought to you from the good folks of Dad-Blogs. Click on over to read some fabulous bloggers talking about everything parenthood related under the sun. This weeks theme, back to school.
Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
The school year is now in full swing here in Weaselville. I should be doing a little happy dance, for this is the first time ever that all the Weasels are in school full time. There is no half-day pick-up of preschoolers and my days are quiet and peaceful as I work to get things scratched off of my to-do list. Yet, I still find the school year to be torturous. No Happy dance is taking place (although I did have an extra spring in my step on the first day).

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the serenity of being alone and uninterrupted as I accomplish my tasks for any given day. I can be very productive and get some nice down time in to boot. What bothers me is that I don't get any time to simply enjoy my Weasels.

Mornings around here run like the breakfast scene in cheaper by the dozen Marine Corps boot camp. Hop, hop, snap to, get in formation, uniform inspection, sound off in the car so that I know that I haven't left anyone behind. When we arrive at school and pull up to curb the doors fly open and the Weasels scatter quickly in different directions, reminiscent of illegal aliens fleeing from border patrol agents.

When school is over, blood sugar levels are low and it's game on. In the next 5 hours we have a mini marathon to complete. Snacks, homework, clothes changes, cooking and eating dinner. Mingle that with sports practices, chores, homework checks, paper signing and taking Eldest Weasel out to practice driving. Next thing we know, it's bedtime and if we don't get get the youngest Weasels to bed on time we will pay for it the next morning.

Weekends really don't bring too much relief to our time constraints. They are filled with sports meets and games, birthday parties and playing tag team with Mr. Weasel for such errands that we must bring the Weasels with (like buying yet more shoes when they outgrow them before they out wear them).

The school year brings very little opportunity to just enjoy each other. One on one time is rare commodity. Even the family dinner table is more like a prison riot scene than a Hallmark commercial chaotic and rushed.

As of today we have 1 1/2 weeks down and only 36 more to go until we reach summer probation vacation.

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Melisa with one S said...

Oy vey.

Kat said...

Whoa Nelly, and here I was thinking you must really enjoy having the kids back in school, more time for yourself but you're like an unstoppable train. The things you do...I admire you. Have a happy weekend!

Daddy Files said...

Holy crap WM. This is the second FF post I've read today that talks of the craziness of multiple children in the house. I'm thinking I might stop at one because I don't think I have the patience or the general wherewithal to make it work like boot camp.

Jason said...

I don't have the sports and such yet so that's awesome(Number 1 is a non athlete like me, I fear for the future with Squirt though). Best of luck and catch up on your rest during the day!

terri said...

I know that feeling. I love summer and having the kids at home. The school year is just too busy! Guess I'm kind of a home-body at heart.

Me said...

*whew* I need a nap just reading about it! Good luck!

Teacher Tom said...

I'm with you WM. My daughter is always excited about going back to school, but I definitely have mixed feelings.

de-I said...

It is totally a full time job and not 9 to 5.

PJ Mullen said...

Wow, I need a nap after that. And maybe a vasectomy :)

Tara R. said...

Having only one kid at home full time is definitely calmer, but that one kid is very high maintenance. I'm lucky in that Saturdays are pretty much mine to do what I want and Sundays are fam time. Good luck and try to relax and have some fun.

BeautifulWreck said...

I am laughing at some of the responses today. Heee heeee

WeaselMomma said...

@ 1S ~ You've got it babe.

@ Kat ~ My life is best when I can just enjoy the Weasels one at a time.

@ Daddy Files ~ Amateur. I started with just one too. You need more time on the job before you work up to this this level of expertise.

@ Jason ~ My day is still full of laundry, dishes and dinner prep. I do get to do them in peace though.

@ Terri ~ It's just hard when so much needs to be crammed into such a short time frame.

@ Me ~ Luck is not involve. Mental stamina and preparedness rule the day.

@ Teacher Tom ~ It is always better when I just get to spend time with them without 'stuff' to get in the way.

@ de-I ~ You said it man.

@ PJ ~ Don't go running for the vasectomy. They are all worth it. I just wish I had more time with them.

@ Tara ~ You have your hands full. My 'me time' doesn't compare to my 'me time with them'. Through the school year I just feel robbed of that.

@ Beautiful wreck ~ Glad you could get a chuckle.

Michelle said...

Yikes, you're busy! Five hours after school? By the time we get home, we have less than three hours before everyone's in bed and asleep. Then again, we have no homework yet -- I'm scared of that (we do have religion homework to do over the weekend though).

So ummm how do you do the transition from half day school to full day school? We're failing miserably here right now... how quickly do they kick kids out of Catholic school kindergarten anyway?

Dave said...

I'm reluctant to leave a comment, WM. You have enough to do without reading this!

Joeprah said...

Yeah, don't I know it. It does make the days go by quickly though, right? Best of luck with the grind this year!

The Devoted Dad said...

It's funny, just when you think you get through the busy days of young kids, the older ones find ways to keep you just as busy. -Jason

surprised mom said...

I'm dizzy just reading this, but somehow I know you have the day down pat and organized.

I know you love the summer and so do I. Summer rules. No school, practices, after-school play practices, no getting up and playing drill sergeant. It's a wonderful time.

I, too, am counting the weeks until the four of us are under the same roof again.

KWG said...

Maybe there are exceptions to my "multitasking is a myth" message...I thought it was a lot to have baby and parents in the house for a few days at a time.

And how sweet it is to long to just enjoy your family time, unscripted and unorganized.

That's true mama love.

Reservoir Dad said...

What? I thought it was meant to get easier when they went to school? Bummer. I'm hearing you on missing time to just enjoy your kids. Important (for me to remember)to get as much time with them as you can before they head off to school.

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