Friday, September 18, 2009

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This II

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Welcome back for another Fatherhood Friday brought to you from Dad Blogs.
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Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
So, some days just go awry. We've all had them. Days that are so busy and filled with complications it's a wonder we survive them. Yet, somehow time does not cease for anyone or anything and we persevere. Sometimes coming out smelling like roses and sometimes looking like we've been rolling around in manure.

Sometimes these days roll into with each other and snowball out of control. Too many things on our plates at one time and not enough energy or hours in the day. We as parents still need to hold it together and make things happen the best that we can, for the sake of caring for our families and resist the urge to go postal.

We are the Weasels and here are our stories.

***********Special Alert**********
*I interrupt this post for a crazy morning with complications break. I will return after Suburban Wow to give you the rest*

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BellaDaddy said...

As you know, I can relate...and am a whiz at living AWRY ;-)

The Devoted Dad said...

You made your point by leaving it blank WM. It must be crazy in Weaselville :) I know what you mean though. Life picks up like a run away horse and buggy, and we as parents are in the back seat trying to climb to the front to grab onto the reins and take back control of the carriage. Hopefully it is also a restful weekend. -Jason

Michelle said...

Heh. That would be my life. Like how I missed Suburban WOW because I was on a work call then barely made the chiro on time, had another work call on my way to the eye doctor, got home and picked up Little Miss from my dad (who had gotten her off the bus), got her down for a nap in time to take another work call, woke up Little Miss and got her in the car in time to take another work call on the way to pick up Mister Man decided we didn't have time to go home so hung out at the park and called my husband asking him to pick up stuff at home to bring to us while I was on two work calls while they played etc. Did I mention this started at 6:20am when I heard Mister Man in Little Miss's room talking to her? And we left the school event after Little Miss had a poop accident in her pants? *sigh* So anyway, sorry I missed Suburban WOW was my point :)

Mrs4444 said...

Yikes! I'm listening to the SuburbanWow episode as I type this. Hope things have calmed down for you...

Bad Momma said...

....waiting for the rest of the story.

seashore subjects said...

Watched SuburbanWow and had to chuckle. I had the same experience, but it was how I started my week. Waking up youngest I thought "what in the h*** smells like pee?" 2 seconds later, she peeps up and says, sorry I had an accident last night - the clothes are in the closet. Fun fun morning!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Stopping by to say hello!! Hope you had a good weekend!!

surprised mom said...

Can I just tell you that I miss watching Suburban Wow? I'm at the front desk of the doctor's office running at full speed. There's just no time. How can I watch your reruns?

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