Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Traditions In Weaselville

While I was driving Eldest Weasel (whom the other Weasels have recently dubbed 'The Wicked Witch of the West) to school this morning, I was thinking about what today's post would be about. I asked her what her favorite thing about the Christmas Season. Is it going to mass on Christmas Eve? or our family gift exchange? Or decorating the tree? Do you have a favorite ornament? Or Christmas song?
"The only thing you do is bake cookies. That's not even a tradition."
"Ummm, yes it is. Most of those recipes have been in my family for generations."
"Well, I like to eat the oatmeal lace."
"Is that it? Just eating them? Do you want to make some yourself this year?"
"I dunno, maybe."
Being 14 and in High School, she has naturally become too cool to hang out with the rest of us. She regularly threatens the younger Weasels with "I'll get you!" I always correct her and tell her she has to finish the statement. She then continues with "And your little dog too."

Christmas traditions that Mr. Weasel and I get to indulge in and enjoy during this joyous season include but are not limited too:

  1. Listening to the Weasels ask "when can we decorate the tree, it's only been up for a week???"
  2. Changing Smallest Weasels sheets almost daily and she is wetting the bed with Santa anxiety.
  3. Going "Damn!", when we receive gifts from family in the mail and realize that we hadn't even thought about that yet.
  4. Going "Damn!" when we receive Christmas cards in the mail and remember that we haven't even taken a picture yet and that Aunt Rose will fly out and kick my butt if she doesn't get on this year.
  5. Going "knock it off!!!!" as the excitement filled Weasels run around the house like it's a dog track with pent up 'Christmas Joy'. I should buy hamster ball in their size.
  6. Answer the question of how many days until Christmas 45x daily.
We love Christmas here and this is just part of the fun and magic of it all. I never liked the Wizard of Oz very much, but I think it may become a new family tradition around here.

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Nap Warden said...

Even my littlest has figured out the gift receiving end of Christmas..."I want a firetruck for Chwismas."

Melissa said...

We've had the how many days thing going on here, too. Which is amazing since we have an advent calendar, a candy calendar on the back of the door and a night light that counts down the days...and still the kids can't figure it out? Yikes!

Here's hoping those cards get done and out and the Christmas tree get's dress.

Sending you a Christmas elf for a little help...I was going to send you a Christmas fairy....but he can't find his loafers :)

Weaselmomma said...

@ Warden ~ he's a riddle for you. What's a word that starts with F and ends with U-C-K? FIRETRUCK

@ Melissa ~ My Weasel are too excited to keep attention for longer than 3 seconds at a time. I should send liquor to their teachers.

nonna said...

i'm so bad about not sending xmas cards that the only one we get any more is from Watson Metals (where hubby buys his roofing metal). is that pathetic or what?

i love christmas, i just don't do cards, or pictures, or newsletters. i guess if you want to know what's going on in my life, you better call (cuz i don't do that either!) lol

Oscar said...

Ah Christmas Traditions! We have many! Like the annual tree cutting day! We go to lunch, $50.00 then we drive to a tree farm to get a tree for only $35.00. Then stop for dinner, $150.00 on the way back. All this for a cheap tree!
Then We have an italian style dinner on Christmas eve. all seafood. $500.00 worth of fresh seafood to cook.
Christmas cards.. youread about that.
New ornaments from a friend who makes us these gawdy ornaments. We put them on the tree. She checks on Christmas.
The pre-christmas social at where else...my house <>$250.00 worth of...drinks , and picking.
Yes, it goes on. My kids are gone and I'm looking forward to grandkid stuff this year. Why not.

Tom said...

We have a few traditions. The annual "why didn't I start shopping sooner?" lament, the saying of bad words while wrapping lights around the base of a short tree while the fingers gradually go numb, and the puzzling over which decorations should be purged and which kept event.

Laura said...

I actually broke down & baked a batch of our favorite Christmas cookies WITH THREE CHILDREN while the fourth was strapped (trapped!) in her high chair today...we had a snow day, oh joy! I wanted the snow day last night, all day today I was cursing it! I'm hoping for a nice two hour delay tomorrow, just enough for a good sleep in! I'll post pics on Facebook later, but it actually went well once the drama over whodoeswhatandwhen died down! Can't wait to have a teenager!!

Weaselmomma said...

@ Nonna ~ That would explain why I haven't gotten your card yet.

@ Oscar ~ I love the 7 fishes tradition, I am so there.

@ Tom ~ You should have your own Christmas special.

@ Laura ~ You have the patience of a saint or the brains of a weasel.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

lol.. I used to get Santa anxiety too.. lol

we love Christmas too...
I like listening to all the old Christmas songs I listened to when I was a kid...

lots of Johnny Mathis!

Merry Christmas girl!!

Karen said...

When my children were little, I started making an hors dourves party for them for Christmas Eve dinner. They were way too excited to sit down and eat. We had all the things I would normally make for a grown-ups party--sausage balls, pigs in blankets, veggie tray, cheese tray, etc. We all dressed up in party clothes, sang and danced, and drank koolaid out of wine glasses.

The first time my son came home from the Air Force for Christmas, we didn't do the party because he was at his girlfriend's mother's house. The day after Christmas, he was sitting there all sad, and asked me why I didn't "make a Christmas party" this year. He does it for his son now.

Tara R. said...

Maybe it's a chick thing... I can remember when our oldest got to HS and became the WWoftheW. The Boy hasn't grown horns yet, or started hanging out with winged monkeys. Good luck with that. The oatmeal lace cookies sound good though.

terri said...

My favorite tradition is waiting until the last minute to buy gifts and then making myself insane wandering the packed shopping mall trying desperately to find the right thing as I nearly have a heart attack with the anxiety.

Oh wait... that's not a tradition. Just a bad habit. Seriously, one of my favorite things is watching favorite Christmas movies with the kids.

de-I said...

Being Jewish of extraction but married to a woman of Christian background, it has always been hard for me at Christmas because I don't have these hardwired emotional memories.

On the other hand my daughters, who now have children of their own, are totally into the excitement that goes with Christmas to the point that middle daughter who has three of her own goes out of her way to create it.

Shan said...

Well, if you are offering to dole out liquor, let me shoot you my address... or just for teachers? Just sayin... Totally chuckled at your post. My oldest is just starting to figure things out this Christmas. Its funny, and tiring, and exhausting. Oh, I said that. Anyshway, good post!

Daddy Dan said...

I love those traditions, WeaselMomma!

The Babito is still a little too young to understand the magic of Christmas, so we probably have another year until we get the "how many days until Christmas" questions.

Grimm said...

Luckily I have my secretary/wife handle all of the Christmas cards and our families usually only send cash.

All I have to do is work. Hmmm. Sending cards or working. That is a very tough call.

My Christmas tradition? The curse word filled tirade that I go through each year while trying to put up the @#$%& lights on the house.

Michelle said...

Christmas traditions: the advent tree that my aunt sent Mister Man for his first birthday. Of course this year we're starting to lose ornaments, which is really sad.

But sitting on Santa's lap? Haven't done that yet. Christmas cards? HA! Christmas picture? ummm nope. I'm so sunk.

And you're really making me want to send the wee ones to boarding school when they get to the teenage years. There has to be some redeeming qualities right?

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