Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Good Reason To Call A Plumber

I thought you'd like a laugh at someone else's expense. Here's a true story told a few years back by a first responder friend of mine.

A man and his wife are having a spat at home. He hasn't fixed the leak under the kitchen sink yet and she's nagging him half to death about it. As they bicker, he decides to take a shower. This does not deter her in the least. She follows him into the bathroom and continues her rant while he lathers.

Finally, tired of hearing about it and wanting to throw a tissy fit of his own, he jumps out of the shower soaking wet. He does not bother to towel off or dress and heads to the kitchen sink, flings the cabinets open underneath it and starts emptying the contents by tossing them around the kitchen while ranting "you want the *$#@!@#$ sink fixed, FINE, I'll fix the @!#* sink right *&$%#$* NOW!".

He proceeds to crawl under the sink, she continues "wah wah wah wah wah wah" while he is on his hands and knees. At this point their pet cat takes notice and manages to spot what it thinks looks like some fun new cat toys. Said cat pounces full claws on toward the toys. Man screams, jumps up banging his head under the sink, with profanity oozing from his mouth. Angry and bleeding he retreats from the pipes stands to get paper towels and examine injury when he slips on the wet floor of his creation, clocks his head on the kitchen table and knocks himself out.

Wife calls 911, who transport him to the hospital, laughing to themselves all the way. He was treated for concussion and given stitches to his head and his unmentionables before being relaesed.

Now you can go through your day just being grateful you are not this guy.

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Tom said...

...which is why there should be DVDs for cats. Keep 'em occupied. Pants would have helped too, I think.

Chris H said...

Ha ha ha, good story!

Mrs4444 said...

Better than the guy my friend treated a while back; he jumped into a construction pit and impaled his "taint" on a shovel handle. Your guy sounds like he got off easy.

Mike said...

Of all things you could do without your clothes on, working on the pipes is not one of them.

Man, talk about major plumber's crack. That in itself would have scared me.

Tara R. said...

See, if he had just made the repairs when it first became a problem... no problem. When will men ever learn? Great story! =)

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