Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Meme

So I was tagged with this Meme on August 3rd, but didn't know it until yesterday. That was probably because on August 2nd, I was doing this. So on August 3rd, we'll just say I was 'offline'.

Anyway, this is the 7 things Meme. Where you supposedly get to know me better through 7 trivial facts about myself. So here goes:

1. I HATE mayonnaise. It makes me gag just thinking about it too much. I will not eat anything that mayonnaise has touched. I will not put it on your sandwich, You have to do that yourself. As a matter of fact, I'm not a fan of condiments in general. No mustard or relish or ketchup or miracle whip(same as mayo to me). But am completely offended by mayo.

2. I will not eat 'swimmy fish', as I call them. I like lots of different shell fish, but not anything that swims. Yes, the bottom feeding crustacians are more appealing to me. I've tried lots of different kinds, prepared in a variety of ways and hate them all.

3. My kids range in age from Pre-school to High School. It's a weird world that I live in. There is a 10 year span between the oldest and the youngest.

4. I am a city girl who married a farm boy and we live in a suburban area. As a said, It's a weird world that I live in.

5. I have lived in Philadelphia, 2 cities West Virginia, Cleveland and Illinois.

6. I am an orphan. I didn't grow up that way, but am one now. So if a nice, rich older couple is looking to adopt a grown woman with instant son-in-law and grand kids to brag about, please contact me.

7. And last but not least, Mr. Weasel insisted that I add this tidbit, I have broken a man's arm once when he tried to mug me on the subway. That's right all 5'4" 105 lbs of me(at the time anyway) not only managed to keep my bag, but made sure this guy wouldn't be 'working' for a while too.

Now I am supposed to tag 7 people with this, but I'm not. Instead, I want you to leave 7 quick tidbits about yourself in the comments. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.......

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Laura said...

Oh my, I've figured out how you manage to blog...what in the world are you doing up at 4 am?? I'm a night person, but 4 am--amazing!!

Anyway, I'll try to squeeze in 7 things about me, though no promises on how interesting they might be!

1. I am a night owl. (I know I already mentioned this) I try to get to bed around midnight most nights so I can function the next day, but this is a struggle for me. I relish the nights that I work (about twice a month) b/c I can stay up all night (7pm-7am shift) & sleep all day--the best sleep I get in a monht!!

2. I have issues with condiments, too, but not quite as severe. I like ketchup for fries & onion rings, & I do like may on a good sandwich or salad (Waldorf salad, broccoli salad, potato salad)...all of these ways I like mayo, though, I try to avoid in an attempt to shrink my waistline--not working very well!

3. I have four children, but they are in a very planned out order (well, at least the best we could do) approx. every two years, so I have a 7 year old drama queen, 5 year old lonely kindergarten boy who wishes desperately for a brother, 3 year old non-stop-chatterbox who knows EVERYTHING, & a 14 mos. old "keeping-up-with-my-sibs-so-i'm-into-everything" toddler. It's a zoo at my house.

4. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse...hence the night hours that I love. Some would think that helping women through childbirth would be enough birth control to prevent the procreation of four children in six years time, but it actually fueled me--I love my job, & each time I've had a new baby on the way, I've eagerly anticipated labor (yes, i'm a sick person, but it fascinates me) so I could see how it would go. I do get epidurals (I'm not THAT KIND of sick) but I'm amazed at the whole process.

5. I, too, drive an ever-so-sexy minivan, but I'm already mourning it's loss...the lease is up in Sept. & GM no longer will make new minivans, only "crossover" vehicles that will not have my beloved dual-sliding doors. We only buy GM products b/c of our GM card that we earn the down payment with, but I'm devastated that I'm going to lose my hotmammamobile.

6. I realized, just yesterday in fact, that I have become a soccer mom. I don't know how it happened, but there I was, driving my 7 year old, her 7 year old friend, & my 14 mo. old in my minivan to soccer practice for my son (who was riding w/ said friend's family & my 3 yr. old) after a dinner at the local "Family Buffet" Chinese restaurant. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. I wanted & planned four children, I want active, healthy children, my son loves playing soccer...all good things, but the label bothers me I guess. I'm not your typical soccer mom, even if I fall under that umbrella.

7. I am an Army wife, though I am not a glamorous, made-up, beautiful bodied Army wife as the LIfetime show depicts (though I love the show). I have lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, West Virginia, & Ohio before I was ever married, & since then, in nine years, I have lived in Oklahoma, Maryland, Georgia, & Kentucky...I guess it was somehow predestined, even though I don't like moving around so much, & I swore I would never marry into the military (yes, your mother was right, "never say never"), here I am...making the best of it.

Tara R. said...

My hubs is the same way about fish... insists he doesn't want to eat anything that swims in its own pee. Anyhoo... fun answers! You go girl, man-handling a mugger!

Sandy C. said...

I love that the couple should be rich :)

And you broke his arm?! Seriously, if you taught a class, I'd take it :)

Chris H said...

-I have moved about 38 times since I left home at 19 years old.
- I had all my 6 children in different hospitals, in different cities/towns and within 10 years too.
- I got 2 more children without getting pregnant.
- I love Diet Coke!
- I deliberately ran over a teenager with my van cos he was dawdling on the road in front of me and WOULD NOT MOVE... he was not hurt (much)
- I knocked a police officer off his motorbike too.. and didn't get a ticket cos I was pregnant! And cute.. and crying... heee heee... he was getting married the next weekend and was so cross with me he just walked away shaking his head.

There ya go, some random stuff about me!

OhCaptain said...

I beginning to think we should form some sort of "anit-mayo" society. I gag just thinking about too. That and miracle whip is just nasty stuff. I once attended a conference for work. They provided box lunches and every single sandwich had mayo on it. I was a little pissed.

I only eat land roaming animals. If it swims on a regular basis, I ain't interested.

We've moved several times, just not very far. I make up for the lack of moving by never passing up a free trip :-)

Mrs4444 said...

VERY impressive! I'll keep that in mind if I ever come to hang with you in Chicago (I'll feel very safe!) I think I'm the one who tagged you, so I'm not going to leave 7 random things, but I will leave one:

I haven't showered since Friday. (Yup-got home from camping and went straight to the computer!) Guess I'd better git!

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