Friday, August 22, 2008

I Am a Commodity!

Want me? You can have me. For a price.

I have become completely caught up in this whole minivan trade-up thing.
And I want you all to follow suit.

I am now being traded like Microsoft! I have acquired a piece of photo art in exchange for drinks with me and an invaluable supply of me best cookie recipes(trust me, their like die for). All totaled, complete with signed and autographed picture of me, a value of $250.00.

Now it's your turn to trade something in exchange for this wonderful prize package chuck full of lovely buttery memory goodness.

Click the links to get the full details of me pimping myself out and giving away some of the best secret recipes(trust me they are crack!) that I hold dear in hopes of turning them into a minivan.

So go, get out there, and bid for the Weaselmomma! I'm worth it!

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Tara R. said...

Hmmm... interesting concept... I must peruse my treasure trove to find a suitable bauble. Good luck with this.

OhCaptain said... think any of the photos from my photoblog are worth anything?

Chicagoland...hmm...we might actually be going there this fall. Me and the Mrs like to head that way for a little Christmas shopping.

Dad of Divas said...

I as always would love to have my 6th trade up so if you are interested let me know.... and that Weaselmomma for making yourself a commodity!

wornoutwoman said...

Man, hmmm I wonder what I could offer of any value....this is cracking me up! I love it. You'll have to keep me updated on cre8buzz with who offers what.

Photography from Maui? 200.00
Love letters written to your loved one for a year? Priceless...

Bad Momma said...

I think you're priceless! However I'm currently in the middle of a Great Minivan Trade-up of my own!

I might be able to trade a rear bumper of a 2004 Town & Country. Perhaps Dad of Divas could build his own!

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