Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Crazy Bunch

Here's the story
of a Mastiff puppy
That was living with seven weasels of her own.

They already had 3 cats and 2 more rodents
living in their home.

Here's the story
of a German Short Hair
Who is long in years and doesn't like to share.

She is staying with the Weasels for a while
as her owner gets good nursing care.

The first time that Lady met Matilda
she knew that she must protect her food
for that 68 lb Mastiff puppy
made Lady mighty rude.

There was growling and a little bit of nipping.
We knew they were headed for a fight
So Matilda got locked up in the kennel
and Lady sent up to bed for the night.

The Crazy Bunch,
The Crazy Bunch,
Just one reason we are called the Crazy Bunch.

We have a house guest folks. Our dear friend Patsy is back in the hospital and Lady always has a place to stay with us. Lady is a wonderful dog who is long in the tooth and well behaved. Unfortunately, she is not fond of the dog that became part of the Weasel family since the last time she vacationed here.

Matilda is 68 lbs, as of last week, and only 6 months old. She is all love, all the time. With people, with other dogs, with her own shadow, all she wants is play time and petting.

Lady has no time for that puppy tom foolery and is mostly concerned about her next meal. She is set in her ways and used to being pampered in quiet surroundings. She has told Matilda, more than once, in no uncertain terms to back off. Matilda is like the toddler who keeps pulling on your shirt and won't take a hint, no matter how overt.

Matilda is completely submissive to Lady, which is kind of funny being that Matilda has 20 lbs of muscle and extreme height over the old girl, but is relentless on pushing Lady to be her best friend. Lady just wants a restraining order issued.

It will take a few days for them to work things out, in the mean time I get to wear a referee hat.

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That Janie Girl said...

You're right, it may take a few days, but they'll work it out.

You're sweet to take Lady in when you have a new "house owner" as it were....but if Lady is like my GSP's, all will soon be well. And they will be best friends.

seashore subjects said...

Matilda thought the company was there for her! Kids are all the same, no matter the species.

Tara R. said...

LIke a little kid trying to get the cool teenager's attention. Hopefully they'll find a compromise and peace will reign once again.

Melisa Wells said...

I am extremely disappointed, shocked, and horrified that you didn't use the new Flip that Mr. Weasel gave you for Christmas to show us what you're talking about.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! You are funny!!! And clever!

Good luck with the pooches!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

[eyes go wide]

You got a flip?

[crosses arms]

What Melisa with one S said!!!

de-I said...

I think Lady and I have the same attitude toward life.

Floy-Dean said...

I just went thru this at my house. Neighbor went to SC to son's Marine Graduation. I'll pray for you! My little 12 lb rescued from the pound that not even the vet knows what the heck he is, hates dry food but ate every bit of poor Smoky's then all of his fav food. Smoky is a 50 lbs long haired blued eyed wonder dog. My dog turned into a monster. The parrot just kept barking and growling. What a week from the otherside. Thanks for your blogs.

Otter Thomas said...

I just read about how you met one of your old friends through a dog named Mopsy. Obviously you are a dog person. I don't think I have ever felt worse for my lab than one day when a puppy went wild on him for hours. He ended up with two bleeding cheeks that eventually scabbed over from all the biting. He never got mad though.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Janie ~ A mere 24 hrs later and things seem to be improving already.

@ Seashore ~ You hit the nail on the head. Lady is not as interested in the play date.

@ Tara ~ Oh yes. Things are settling down and they are finding their footing.

@ Melisa ~ I didn't have a free hand. You know with holing back a 68 lb puppy and using the other one to keep Lady from killing her.

@ Sue ~ It's funny, the crazy nonsense that starts rolling through my head at these moments.

@ Liz ~ Yeah, Mr. W went a little crazy this year.

@ De-I ~ No doubt she lives a dogs life.

@ Floy ~ What is it about the bigger dogs getting bossed around by smaller ones?

@ Otter ~ Mopsy was a awesome sweetheart. The only 'kick pup' that I ever really took a liking too. She reflected her owners good hearts and awesome personalities. Being Housemates with Seashore Subjects made for some wonderful times. I miss her dearly.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to keep checking back to see if you find that third hand and post a picture.

Michelle said...

And here I was hoping you were going to write the entire post in song ;) That would have been fun.

Fingers crossed they get along well soon. I know the introductions are hard -- especially with the different ages. And of course, that Patsy gets better soon!

Jason @ The Devoted Dad said...

Oh, how crazy it can get when animals come together. My in-laws family has many pets, and our Boxer wants to be friends with all of them- even when they- er- don't. It can get ugly!

Creative-Type Dad said...

68 lbs!! wow!

(I like the song)

WeaselMomma said...

@ Michelle ~ Thanks. Patsy seems to be doing okay. I'm sure the dogs will get everything worked out soon.

@ Jason ~ That is exactly what is going on here.

@ Creative Type ~ Matilda is only 6 mos. old and 1/2 of her projected full size. She's going to be a big girl. Luckily she is very friendly.

terri said...

See? Even this doesn't sway me. I WANT ANOTHER DOG!

I'm slowly but surely wearing down the husband's resolve.

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