Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Weekend Round-Up

Weekends go by too fast and this one was no exception. On Friday Eldest Weasel had a 1/2 day because she was finishing up with finals. Mr. Weasel picked her up and told her that since the the others were still at school we were going to make the most of this rare parents alone with teen time. She would not be disappearing to her room with her phone, but spending time with us. Her response "Why? Who's sick? What do you want to talk to me about?". Ugh. That set the tone for her weekend as she was forced to spend time with her food and money sources. It set the tone for my weekend, as I felt the beginning of a migraine coming on. Funny how teens can do that.

Saturday we woke up to *surprise* stupid amounts of snow. More ugh. It was in theory going to stop snowing by 6 am. It was still snowing at 3 pm. As I sat lazily on the couch still fighting with my head, but not full blown, with my snail like trusty laptop, I spot my neighbor snow blowing my driveway! Yayyyyyyyy! "Mr. Weasel, you better take the hint and get there and help." I was so not about to leave the couch. And he did, but saintly neighbor type was almost finished and moving on to others neighbors houses. All in all, he did this for 8 houses. I owe that man a case of beer. We had to do it again in another 2 hours, but the heavy work was done and that makes a huge difference.

Saturday Night Mr. Weasel and I had a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend to go to. We did not know the people throwing it, so did not know what to expect. It would be a great party or total lameville, but off we went. The roads weren't great, but okay, and the drive was slow going. The oncoming headlights and the slushy spray on the windshield were just enough to push my head over the limit. Before we reached the party, I was full blown. This is not conducive to life, let alone a party. We were at the party for approximately 2 minutes before a total stranger approached me, reached into her purse and said "I recognize that look, Take 3 of these for a migraine. They work like like a miracle, talk to me in 10 minutes". When that's how a party starts, you know it's a good crowd. I washed them down with Mr. Weasel's beer and felt like a new woman in to minutes! What was this miracle drug?, You ask, Equate (Walmart Brand) of Excedrin. The only drawback is that it started to wear off after about 3 hours.

My new found guardian angel/drug dealer introduced me to her husband Larry and his friend Larry. Yes, that got a lot of mileage. Larry and Larry were a bunch of fun. Larry #2 impressed me with how he could use his wedding ring as a bottle opener. I was surprised that it didn't ruin his ring as he showed me it didn't have a scratch on it. That was the last beer he could open like that, then the started to get stuck on his ring and he scratched it! I must have been the jinx. He moved onto a bottle opener. The party was a great time with some really fun people.

Sunday came and it was back to reality. Sunday is my prepare for the school week day. Laundry, papers, groceries, all the fun stuff. I took Eldest Weasel and Boy Weasel with me to the store. I also had to stop at the pet supply store for crickets and to let Boy Weasel use his Christmas money from his Uncle to buy yet another Fire Bellied Toad to throw in his tank(the crickets are food). Eldest took advantage of my weakened state (still was not 100 %) and asked me if she could have mice. "we already have everything we need " (remember our empty hamster tank). That must have been something stronger in that Excedrin, because I said okay. She knows how to attack when Mom is weak.

Yup, I willingly let 2 mice into my home. Normally I would be setting traps, even in the garage. Now they are pets. Ugh x 3. How the hell was your weekend?

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Tom said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine; nice that you found something that helps for a while.
I can sure relate to the teen thing. Had grandma & uncle here this weekend, a very rare visit, and still she'd rather spend her time in a locked room curled up with her *(&$@ cellphone.

Heinous said...

My six year old already does the parental apathy thing. Hopefully it will get better?

Any party where they can pass you the drug you need by looking at you is tops in my book.

Weaselmomma said...

@ Tom ~ They are their own brand of joy!

@ Heinous ~ No, it only gets worse as they get smarter. and B. That's what I am talking about! Definitely my kind of crowd.

Melisa with one S said...

Are Larry and his friend Larry related to Larry and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl? LOL


Mike said...

I don't want you to feel bad, but after having near freezing (yes you read that right) temps here in So Cal, this weekend was 80 degree sunshine. Weirdest weather I've come across. Shorts in January...

Oscar said...

Funny? no, our kids Do give us headaches, and take it from one who's oldest is 31, They continue to. It's a sentence, but you love them.

We had a Major storm! 4 inches LOL.

Excederin is a god pain killer. Works even better with a chocolate or coffee. But the beer would my preferred delivery liquid. New friends are fun. Especially if theyare responsive. Looks like you lucked out.

I used to use my ring like that. I thought of the scratches as successful journeys.

Mice. Get a cat too while you're at it.

My weekend was uneventful. Our major snowstorm prompted me to replenish my fireplace wood. So I did some chores, lit the fireplace, opened some wine and de-christmassed. Sunday was the same except my GIANTS $#it the bed. :(

Weaselmomma said...

@ Melisa ~ We laughed and jokingly called them the Daryls all night.

@ Mike ~ Enjoy it! I wish I had it.
Blizzard conditions headed this way by dinner time.

@ Oscar ~ They certainly were a great bunch.
The punch line is that we now have 1 hamster, 3 toads, 3 cats, and 2 mice. Not mention all the Weasels.
We have a blizzard warning for this afternoon, but only expect 4 inches. The blowing wind and extreme temps will be the issue.

Melissa said...

My weekend was better than didn't include mice.

I hope your head is feeling better soon!

VW said...

Wow! Of all the stories you've ever told me, I never heard the one about you proposing to the Mr.! That is just too cool! It's right out of a great romantic comedy or something! Thanks for sharing that!

Sue said...

I think I would hide the next time a migraine came on. Don't let them see you weak!!!!!

Weaselmomma said...

@ Velta ~ I am so glad you found this! Thanks for coming and commenting! I hope you become a regular!

@ Sue ~ I think you are right.

Bad Momma said...

Whew! Quite the weekend! I'm tired just thinking about what you did. I would have just stayed in my jammies and napped all day.
Wait, that's what I did all weekend at our house!

Michelle said...

Heh. Gotta love those drug dealing people who so quickly become your pals. Did you get a second dose from her at the three hour mark? ;)

And yeah... we dealt with the snow all weekend. It was lovely. I'll leave it at that. Blizzard tonight? No school tomorrow? Crap.

de-I said...

Migraines sound so horrible.

Talking to teenagers - waste of time - wait until their 22

Sounds like a great weekend.

I hiked on Saturday and had a business meeting (family business mediation session) on Sunday. It's ok, my work and non-work schedules are very mallable.

OhCaptain said...

Blizzard stuff has come and gone here, now the bottom has fallen out of the thermometer. Anyone seen my ass? I think it froze off.

Anywho. My "what was your weekend like?" reply is on my blog...I'd cut and paste here but, nah.

a li'l bit squishy said...

Oh so sorry about the migraine. And the attitude of your teen (gawd I am not looking forward to that!) and um the mice. I worked and we got new fish. A nothing normal weekend in our house too. Thanks for sharing!

nonna said...

my cat, being the awesome huntress that she is, was playing with a field mouse on the porch last night. she got bored with it and started to leave it half dead (or half alive if your a half full kinda person) i decided to do the humane thing and whack it with a stick until it stopped moving (i'm sure it was suffering). THEN, after i had to murder it, kitty decided to play with it again. she was having a blast! i swear i saw her toss it about 5' up in the air! today, the only thing left is a pair of back legs and a tail. i love my mouser. she keeps those darn things outta my house! :)

sorry bout the migraine, have you tried imitrex? my mom and aunt both swear by it.

seashore subjects said...

The mice may have slipped in because you took 2 to the store - what were you thinking? You were outnumbered!

Mama Smurf said...

ACK! I don't do rodents!

Cheffie-Mom said...

We have mice, but they are not our pets! LOL! By the way, I love the super hero font you are using on your blog! Too fun!

terri said...

I'm boycotting snow and cold. Want to join me? Mike is inviting people to So Cal. Wanna go? I'll swing by and pick you up!

Sorry about your migraine, but your rescuer truly sounds like an angel! Glad you were able to feel better and enjoy the party.

How do the cats feel about the mice?

Momo Fali said...

I feel your pain (literally, a migraine sufferer over here). I once INSISTED that my husband go shovel our elderly neighbor's driveway, and the guy came out and yelled at him! I couldn't believe it. I doubt my husband will ever lift a shovel for someone again.

Nap Warden said...

Man, I had a busy weekend...luckily it didn't involve mice as pets;)

Unmarried Housewife said...

Oh please WeaselMomma two mice are nothing~! We had two different infestations in this house of the little buggers. I eventually set up a prisoner camp for all of the ones dumb enough to be caught. They made rather good pets in the end, some you could even handle without being completely paranoid. Those buggers had it good.

Having kids is like living with a gateway constantly open for varying fauna to enter your home under the "pet" guise.

One suggestion: Get a pair of rats. Those are just the sweetest, most loving creatures I've ever owned.

The Microblogologist said...

I've had pet mice, they were ok but too much work with the cleaning and such, plants are far better! Hope your head is feeling better. It is -28 here and we didn't get all the way up to -1 I don't think, this weather is insane. If Mr. Weasel gets a job in a warm climate you so have to adopt me and take me with! I'm way too old to be your daughter but who cares! Oooo I can be MicroWeasel, has a nice ring to it I think ;).

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