Friday, January 16, 2009

The Jokes On Me

It's no secret that I am not a fan of cold and snow. Winter is by far my least favorite season. Currently is -24F outside. Needless to say, I am not enjoying this. School is now closed for the 2nd day in a row (this I do enjoy), due to dangerously cold temps.

Last night I had to attend a meeting for a charity group I am involved in. It was bitter cold, around -30F or so. After the meeting, a friend and I went to have a drink(s) and good conversation. I arrived home at about 11:30pm, only to be locked out of my house! The keypad on the garage was frozen. The front door locked. Everyone in the house asleep. We started calling cell phones and the home phone numerous times. No. Answer. I banged on the front door, continued calling and freezing my butt off. Nothing. After about 20 minutes of sub zero temps and 3 toes later, we managed to wake Middle Weasel and she let me in. I love that kid! Eldest Weasel was asleep on the couch, with her phone (if it had been a boy calling she would have heard it). Mr. Weasel was asleep in bed with the house phone. Thank God the house wasn't on fire, They would have never woken up in time.

I also dislike moving. Be it down the street or across country. The packing, the boxes, Realtors and the whole shebang are very undesirable to me. When we moved into this house 4 1/2 years ago, I made a vow that if we ever had to move again (and preferably never), it would be to a warmer climate. Mr. Weasel always chuckled and told me not to tempt God that way, he likes a good laugh.

In the course of Mr. Weasel's job search we have clung to the Chicago area and only recently started discussing options that would require a move. We would entertain them, but the main focus is to continue searching in our own metro area.

Having said this, Mr. Weasel was almost immediately contacted by a recruiter and put in touch with a company that has his dream job available. It's the right position, the right technology and the right work environment. The preliminary discussion went very well on both ends. Compensation is in the right range. This could be a very promising opportunity. The only problem.........IT"S IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, nothing against my Canadian friends. You have a lovely country, that I have absolutely no desire to live in! It's cold and snowy. It doesn't have the hot summertime that I enjoy so very much. At the same time, you go where the food is. God has a sense of humor and is laughing heartily. I just hope he is only joking. Stay tuned folks!

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NukeDad said...

Well, at least you'll pay less for better bacon.

Momo Fali said...

I hate winter too. I've been seriously considering getting one of those happy lights.

However, I know that you have to go where your bread is buttered. My goodness, between NukeDad's comment and mine, you almost have a whole breakfast!

Heinous said...

Bwahaha...Maybe it won't be as bad as you think. I'm kidding... it will be colder.

You'll get to wear a tuque though. How cool will that be?

RhondaLue said...

WHOA!!!!!!! Yeah my hubbies job is iffy (construction) and he'd have to relocate too if things dry up too much. I say HE because I DON'T WANNA GO! If it's temporary I'll let him go and just deal with it. I don't even want to THINK about him having a permanent position not HERE!

Our options are Canada, Utah, and Cali. None of which I want to live in. But yah, there's that sense of humor thing. lol

Oscar said...

My motto is, anything north of here is too cold. (Unless ur below the equator)

Ouch tough call. No lead ins with that position to move around?

I'm still looking 4 u guys too.

Tom said...

Are you sure there's nothing in Oregon for him? It's not cold... and summers are hot enough. You're in our prayers.

Mrs4444 said...

I know; Mark asked me if I wanted to move to Toronto. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Good luck!!

The Microblogologist said...

Noooooooo! No Canada! They are fricking frozen tundra and you'll be buried in snow and way too far away! And you'd have to learn a new language with excessive use of the letter "u", how uncool is that?! And you'd have to change the name of the blog to "Frozen Wourld of Polour Bears". OK fine, I understand why you might have to relocate, we'll miss you if you do of course, at least we'd still have the blogosphere to get our Weasel fix.

Glad you didn't freeze to death while trying to wake someone, how horrible! It was down to -28 here, it has "warmed up" to -6 and the wind chills are "warming up" to above -20 so we are finally out of the wind chill advisory/warning. How sad is it that I am excited it might get above 0? We should run away to Hawaii! Oh and I'll add poptarts and milk to the breakfast menu, that is so a full and balanced meal.

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

UGH! you won my heart on the first sentence! I'm wearing uggs...IN MY HOUSE! my feet are freezing and its 14 degrees outside. (I just refuse to keep turning up my thermostat!)

...hmmm great job...benefits are right...but your buns will be permanently used to thermals! lol

(blog hoping...nice to "meet you" and your blog!)

Anonymous said...

Montreal is pretty. Ontario is BEAUTIFUL! Canada isn't so bad. And NukeDad is right on the bacon! :)

nonna said...

ok, i'm wearing jeans with sweat pants over them, a tank top with a hoodie over it and a sweatshirt on top of that. i'm still freezing and i'm in Tennessee.

i agree with micro. you CANNOT move to canada. although i like their accents and want to visit there. it is just too far away. sides, you'd freeze to death and then we'd all have to have a funeral for you and i hate funerals (like anybody likes them!)

also nukeDad is lying. canadian bacon is not better bacon. it tastes like freakin' ham! come down south. we have real bacon and nice, hot, 150% humidity, summers.

Mike said...

Two words for you: Socialized Medicine...

Weaselmomma said...

@ NukeDad ~ I actually prefer our bacon to Irish or Canadian.

@ Momo ~ I buy the 'Happy Light Bulbs' for the kitchen which is where I spend most of my time. One meal at a time, this is shaping up nicely.

@ Heinous ~ If only I looked good in hats!

@ Rhonda ~ God often gets a chuckle over me.

@ Oscar ~ Still hoping something pops here.

@ Tom ~ Oregon would be a preferable option. Any high tech start-ups?

@ Mrs4444 ~ I haven't even had the urge to visit.

@ Micro ~ I am on your side.

@ M & T's Mom ~ Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you often.

@ Janed ~ I'm sure the scenery is beautiful, but does me no good if I'm bundled up in the house all the time.

@ Nonna ~ I have huge issues with this. Let's hope something breaks here.

@ Mike ~ I hear you loud and clear. That is definately in the 'con' list.

de-I said...

But if you move to north to Canada you will end up being in the southern part of that country and will now live Down South and have accomplished your goal.

RhodaLue - You are talking about California right? Not Cali Columbia.

Nonna - And actually Canadian bacon comes from an entirely different part of the pig than American bacon does.

terri said...

Well, look at the bright side. Canada is only about 8 hours away from me! Oh, wait. You're already about 8 hours away from me. I hear they have good beer there!

Seriously, I hope whatever happens that it is for the best. I'll say a little prayer for you.

Laura said...

Oh, Barbara! I'm so sorry! We're praying for you every night (your family has been in our prayers for so long, even my 3 yr. old can quote "for Barb's family..." in our extra special prayers!

Never tempt God...I don't know if you knew this, but I swore I would never even DATE anyone in the military, as 3 of my sisters had married military guys, & I knew what the lifestyle entailed...jokes on me!!

I'm south of where you live, & I'm in a tee shirt, turtleneck sweater, hubby's fleece jacket, jeans, socks, slippers, & a down blanket w/ the laptop keeping my legs warm, and I'm PREGNANT for crying out loud!!!--I'm sorry to say, we'll never make it there to visit. (Now I've done it...I'm sure the Army will make up some new post to send us to in Canada!)

We're headed to Chicago in mid-May to celebrate our 10th anniv.--you can't move before then!!

All jokes aside, I pray you find a happy & successful place for Mr. W to work!

Tara R. said...

My hubs once asked me if I would consider moving to Singapore. Canada would look good to me. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Gotta love this weather. Hey, it's warming up a degree every hour overnight tonight!

But hey -- dream job is dream job, regardless of where it is. And you could REALLY test out the screw shoe theory there ;) A really good friend of mine is talking about moving to Nashville, which is a bummer!

Karen said...

I have learned from experience that as soon as you accept the dream job, you get an avalanche of other offers. I have also learned to say "yes" to all reasonable offers, then pick the best one. I hope he gets more offers soon. But, ick, Canada? I moved from Georgia to Arizona because I don't like being cold.

Bad Momma said...

Next time you'll have to remember to take your house key or be back by curfew time! ;)

A few years back, we considered moving. While we didn't want to move for a job that could disappear in a year or so, of all the possible options, North Carolina looked tempting.

I often wanted to create my own utopia. A Mayberry RFD throwback (60's TV Show reference). Perhaps we can gather up a bunch of our bloggy friends, pool our resources, buy some land & start a village.

a li'l bit squishy said...

Lurking Canadian. Come to Canada....I dare you. Better beer and ummmmmmmm....yep, that might be it. The worst part about moving to Canada is that you would have to learn a whole new system of measuring temperature. Like right now it's -24 here, but you would think it's only -11 in the US. So surely it's not as cold here as you think it is..... Good luck, where ever you may land!

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