Friday, July 25, 2008

Aliens Are Real!!!!!!

This according to Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In multiple radio and television interviews yesterday and this morning.

This explains and clarifies many phenomena for me. For example, I now understand how come my Weasels never wake up in the same place that they fell asleep. Aliens must be playing a practical joke on me by rearranging the kids while they sleep! We've teased Middle Weasel for years now that someday the mother ship was going to come back for her, and now they just might.


This helps me to understand the inability of the kids to follow simple instructions when I leave the house. It's now obvious that that's when the aliens visit and why my children have the phenomena of lost time when I ask "If you didn't put your laundry away while I was at the store, what exactly did you do?" and they respond "I dunno".

This also explains who left the bread on the counter, who left the legos on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and who put the milk container with 2 drops left back into fridge. Along with where did all the popsicles go?

Dr. Mitchell states that aliens have been visiting earth for years and that there was indeed a crash and cover-up in Roswell, NM back in 1947. Aliens have been studying humans and doing medical testing. Now I understand the confused/lost look in the eyes of the teenager at the drive through window when I request extra napkins. The tracking device in their brain is affecting their ability to complete simple tasks! Or they are not actually from this planet to begin with.

I think that aliens must be testing on household pets also. It's clear to me now that the tracking device in cats brains sends signals that make them go from lazy and sleeping to romping around the house like amphetamine junkies in .5 seconds.

Well if Aliens are here and if they among us, I also have a much better understanding of my Mother in Law.

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Tom said...

Have you maybe seen crop circles in the living room carpet? That'd lend credence to your theory.

Tara R. said...

One look at Paul Schaffer and I was convinced aliens lived among us.

Christy said...

Explains a lot, does it not? LOL Especially the mothers in law--you crack me up!

Mike said...

I spent the better part of way too many years looking for an explaination. You hit straight on the head. My kids couldn't be that cleaver to try and fool their "old man". Aliens explains it all... Thanks

Miss Got Wings said...

LOL - love it! Maybe our alien in-laws beamed down from the same planet.

Love your blog too - I'll be back to check out more!

Anonymous said...

Your blog captivates me. When you write about your kids, I totally see myself when I was thier age! I got the same questions(what DID you do while I was gone if it wasn't A, B, or C?) and gave the same answers! Although, when asked for extra napkins, I usually was prompt and personable! ;)

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