Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cloud Nine

WOW!  What a morning!  I'm on the computer, just minding my own business.  Not really, I was actually being a voyeur reading other blogs.  When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but mega link love from 2 guys that read here! Only this is better than Christmas!  I am very flattered and would like to thank all those who helped me get where I am today(sitting on my couch drinking coffee).  Namely, Tom @ Being Michael's Daddy and Nuke Dad @ Nuclear Family Warhead.  Thanks guys, you really rock and so do your blogs.

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Tom said...

Thank you as well! All I ask is that you remember us when you reach the 10,000+ viewers/day mark.

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier! Nukedad is awesome, eh?

Weaselmomma said...

Sue, yeah, nukedad is awesome. Or at least he makes me laugh. Check him out.

Weaselmomma said...

Tom, I'll definitely remember you when I reach that 10,000 mark. That is if I can ever actually get feedburner up and working correctly s that I know when that is.

NukeDad said...

I make you laugh? Am I hear for your amusement? What do you mean; funny? Funny as in I make you laugh, or funny as in weird?

Sorry, couldn't pass up the "Goodfellas" segue.

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