Sunday, July 13, 2008

Block Party Success

The kids are home and life is back to normal.  We are back into the full swing around here, which is why I failed to post yesterday.  Now I know that my faithful readers cried themselves to sleep last night, so I am here to make sure that tonight you sleep like babies.

Yesterday started out quite lovely.  It was good to wake up to hugs and cuddles from the kids.  This is probably the best perk of having them back.  Hubby ran to the store to pick up a few things that we needed for the  block party.  I was making macaroni salad and he the smoked salmon.  It was BYOB and BYOM(meat).  We marinated the pork chops and started the process of cooking and prepping kids to get ready to go.  Juice boxes, check.  Beer, check.  Ice, check.  Shoes, check.  Brushed teeth, check.  Bathing suits, check. 

Last week started out with Hubby feeling lousy due to a sinus infection.  Yesterday morning while trying to organize the family and food, I realize he was kind enough to share his germs with me and they had now taken hold and were trying to slow me down with a raw throat and body ache.  But I wasn't going to let a small thing like being a contagious incubator for germs stop me.  I took some Advil and warned people not to drink from my cup.  Nothing is going to get in the way of having fun. 

The weather man said to expect rain and thunderstorms all day.  Lucky for us he was wrong.  It wouldn't have stopped the festivities, but warm and sunny is always better.  There was a trampoline, a giant inflatable water slide, face painting, crafts for the kids and a DJ.

The party was in full swing.  Kids running and playing like maniacs.  Adults in lawn chairs and playing Bag-O.  Beer and juice a flowing, lots of great food and a pitcher of Sangria like none other (I'll get to that recipe in a minute).  It was a great time. 

The police stopped by with their cruisers,  not to break things up, just to let the kids have fun climbing inside and hitting all the buttons.  They gave out stickers and pencils and then let the grown-ups(i.e., me) climb inside and hit the buttons too!  I think some pictures were taken.  If I get my hands on them I will post them later.

Now I am typically much more the social butterfly than Hubby, but not yesterday.  As I was still not 100%, he decided to do the right thing, and make up for my slack.  After a few beers he stumbled upon the Sangria.  It was delicious and potent.  It was contributed by one of the neighbors who grew up in poland.  Her recipe is sweet red wine, diced fruit and Polish Potato Vodka for good measure.  It tastes like fruit juice and packs a punch that you do not realize until you try to stand up.  A few of these and normally reserved Hubby was raring to go. 

By about 10 P.M. the Advil had worn off completely and I started going downhill fast.  So I said goodnight and took the two youngest weasels home with me for baths (as they were covered in face paint from head to toe) and bed.  Sidebar- No, we do not usually let our children stay out this late, it's a rarity for special occasions.  Hubby stayed on with the other kids to keep things rolling.  By the time I had 2 clean kids in PJ's I no longer had the energy to go back downstairs for more meds.  Oh well, when Hubby comes in, presumably in a few minutes, he will grab some for me.  I manage to fall asleep with 2 in my bed, feeling too lousy to tuck them in their own beds.  

Hubby staggers into the bedroom around 1:30 a.m.  I find out that he sent other weasels home and they put themselves to bed about 2 hours prior.  However, his night is not quite over yet.  As I am raging with fever and body ache, still in great need of medicine, Hubby discovers every time he tries to lay down that our bed is actually a centrifuge.  I head (read whimper and cry) to the kitchen to get some Nyquil,  Hubby has now spun enough that particles start to separate from his body.  I crawl back beneath the covers and soon hear snoring coming from the bathroom.

Eventually he made it to the bed, for that's where he was when I woke up.  He wasn't much in the mood for talking but did manage to mumble something about "Don't do shots of Vodka with professionals from Poland".

As I type this, sitting here with tissues , a dose of Dayquil, and kids, he is still in bed  with what the Eldest Weasel refers to as 'Glug, Glug Flu'.  I can't wait till I hear all the details of what I missed.

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Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Bag-O ?? Tell me more! Our block party is a blast, too. I'm lucky to be home by 1am. We hire a guy who sets up Karoake and have other stuff for kids, too, but not face painting (I'm going to volunteer to do that this year!)

One year after a block party, a neighbor came home and peed on the coffee table in his livingroom. Needless to say, his wife did not let him out of the house at night for the rest of the summer!

My husband has suffered for years with sinus infections, but since he started using a nedipot, he has only had about one per year. Sorry you were under the weather...

Chris H said...

What a shame you got ill... and what a SHAME your hubby got the 'glug glug flu'... I seem to remember from my trip to Melbourne recently what THAT felt like! Tis awful! But no sympathy..... self inflicted 'flu' an all!

BusyDad said...

I have to admire your dedication to partying despite a looming bout with the flu. 50 "mad respect" points in my book. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

Weaselmomma said...

Kissin', Bag-O is a bean bag toss game fro drunks. And I need to read a post about you neighbor relieving himself on the table.

Chris, we'll give Hubby a little sympathy on this one. It isn't very often at all we get to see this side of him.

Busy, still feel like sin dipped in misery, but appreciate the props.

Tom said...

I miss all the fun. Sigh.

mr. weasel said...

Just be thankful she called it Bag-O. The bags are larger than normal bean bags and filled with dried kernels of corn. The first time someone approached me at a party and asked if I wanted to play 'cornhole' I just about choked.

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