Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Interview With A Weasel

Boy, our 11 year old son has agreed to an interview to give you and inside look at life in our world from his point of view. Hopefully this will be informative and entertaining. If you have any follow-up questions, just post them in the comments and maybe we will do a part two. And away we go........

Me: So Boy, Do you have anything to say to the nice people?

Boy: Hi!

Me: What does 'BushWeasel' mean to you?

Boy: It means special, like a doughnut with sprinkles!

Me: can you define 'BushWeasel for us?

Boy: A rare species of awsomeriffic things that live at our house.

Me: So you like being a 'BushWeasel?

Boy: 75/25 75 % awesomeriffic, 25% I have too many fans.

Me: How do you feel about your Mother blogging about you?

Boy: I have a question? Does it have to be the truth or one of those little white lies?

Me: The truth 1st, then you can white lie.

Boy: One or the other, buddy.

Me: Okay, the truth then.

Boy: I kind of like it, it makes me more famous!

Me: Okay, now the truth for real.....

Boy: I can run an 8 minute mile in only 10 minutes!

Me: don't change the subject.

Boy: My Mom is blogging, I don't know why that's bad, it just is. 50% of the time anyway.

Me: Is it because your Mom is sooooo cool, you feel you can't compete?

Boy: ixne.

Me: is that pig latin?

Boy: Yes (cringe).

Me: So I am not cool?

Boy: No you are cool(rolling eyes).

Me: So what about Mom's blogging bothers you?

Boy: I can't deal with all the paparazzi , and if you must know I think Jordan Sparks is jealous of me.

Okay, we are going to conclude this interview for now as Boy needs some calibration of his ego via his sisters. Please let us know, what you would like to ask The Boy.

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mr weasel said...

It's frightening how close his responses are to the ones I would have given. distance(apple,tree) != distance.far

BusyDad said...

If your family had a reality show, what would you call it?

Tom said...

If your family were superheroes, what would your superpower be?

Anonymous said...

I just read that and am LOL...OMG...I think you were interviewing MY 11 year old! LOL

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