Friday, July 11, 2008


I Love Fridays! Fridays are good. But today marks the end of my quiet vacation at home. The BushWeasels are due home before dinner after a week with Grandparents, and I have nothing to show for all that time. I squandered it!

I don't see this a a complete negative. Sure there are plenty of things that I wish had taken the opportunity to do, like shower. But I did take this time to relax. As a matter of fact, my butt hardly left the couch. This felt better than a week at the spa and was a lot cheaper. I am not one to just sit when I am home. This was a nice change of pace.

I did however find time to spend with a few friends, including my dear old friend Coors Light, a few romantic dinners and lots of good quality time with Hubby. This was a great way to regroup. I spent many enjoyable hours with trusty old laptop and read a gazillion blogs. This was a great vacation.

I am looking forward to the kids coming home. I really do miss them. Plus they will give me so much material, such as grandparents letting them watch as the cow was bred (bow- chick-a- wow- wow). I can't wait to hear all about their escapades and reactions to them.

But in the mean time, I need to figure out a way to remove the imprint of my butt from the couch, get to the grocery store to make sure I can feed the herd when they do return and do a few surface things to make it look like I was productive while they were gone.

We have a busy fun filled weekend coming up, including a block party tomorrow (forecast: rain and thunderstorms) and are sure to have a great time anyway. Hubby, by popular demand, is bringing the smoked salmon. It will be a great family day, no matter what the weather.

So have a happy Friday all, and a great weekend!

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BusyDad said...

You really can't beat the no kids, plenty of beer and laptop thing. You just can't. Unless it's no kids, beer and laptop on a tropical island.

nukedad said...

A whole week without the kids? Are you trying to make me jealous? Angry? Bitter? Well, it worked! Would you like to poke me in the eye with a sharp stick? Kick me in the shins? I don't think I like you anymore. ;(

I think we're about 1 year away from GM & GP taking all 3 kids for a week. I'm starting a countdown calendar.

Jenny said...

HEY!!! I'm here! *frantically waving arms* A week of no kids??? I said that dreamily, in case you didn't hear. My mom works full time, but my stupid in-laws do not. Do you think they ever invite the girls up over the summer??? Nooooooo, they do not. Sorry. I'm venting on your blog.
Have a super time tomorrow at the block party!

Tom said...

My wife and I had known this joy only a few times when we were first married, as our kids had other parents to be with every other weekend. Now that Michael's here, this is a distant memory and a fond hope for some day.

I'm glad you got some good butt-planting time though. Hopefully the kids were well-behaved enough to warrant another trip next year - maybe a longer one.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Oooh. That salmon sounds YUMMY! Your week sounds like a week in paradise; that's my kind of vacation, too. I love my husband dearly, but I wouldn't mind if he had a business trip coming up; I've got one kid going to camp and the other could easily be farmed out! :)

Chris H said...

You don't have to have done ANYTHING while the kids were gone! Just having a break from them is more than enough! Wish someone would take mine.... even for a weekend! Ah well.... hope you enjoy their homecoming and the block party, whatever that is!

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