Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm........

  • These are some things that really used to get under my skin. Whether I have mellowed and no longer give them importance or the kids have broken my spirit is an open question. But either way I have become 'Zen' about them. I list them in no particular order
Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I bought 6 peaches, 6 nectarines and 2 cantaloupe. Before I could get the bags unpacked and put away the peaches and nectarines had already been completely consumed, without evidence that had ever existed. Both cantaloupe were gone by dinner time. This is the normal course for produce in our home. Hmmmm.

My Weasels do not sleep in their beds. Even if they start the evening in the beds, by morning they have played musical beds and musical rooms. They move to each others beds, the floor, my room or the couch. But always in the middle of night when everyone is asleep. I don't understand it. Hmmm.

The Weasels also have an aversion to bed clothes(except for Eldest). I can make the beds with fresh clean sheets. It does not matter what fabric, color, thread count or character is on them. They tear them off their beds as soon as they crawl into them(even though they don't spend the night there), including the pillow case. This boggles my mind. Hmmm.

They hate when their bedrooms are clean. They prefer clothes and towels, both clean and dirty, strewn across the place. Even if I clean the bedrooms, within 30 minutes of seeing it clean, they will decimate it. Why I ask? "I just like it better this way" is usually the answer. So I let it go until it poses a fire hazard and they must keep the 1st floor and main living areas the way Mom likes them. That is the compromise to keep my sanity. Hmmm.

The Weasels do not like corn on the cob. Corn from a can or frozen is fine, but not on the cob. Go figure! Eldest Weasel is the exception here. She likes corn on the cob, but only before it's cooked. She also has braces and isn't allowed to eat it unless I cut it off the cob first. Hmmm.

Monkey Weasel will not eat sandwiches. She will eat bread. She will eat salami, bologna, etc. , just not together. Hmmm.

Well this the list that comes to mind at the moment, I am sure there are many more. Hope they made you chuckle. And feel free to add strange, unexplainable behaviors that your kids have.

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Mr Lady said...

My oldest can't say Which. As in, my brother smells funny, which makes our room stinky. He says, For Which. For which is stinking hilarious coming out of a 10 year old's mouth.

(nice to meet you, btw :) )

Weaselmomma said...

Thanks for coming by. I hope you like it and visit often.

nukedad said...

Nukegirl thinks that Goldfish are an entree. Nukeboy1 likes cake, but hates icing. Nukeboy2 likes icing, but hates cake. They share cake a lot.

They do; however, love fruit and broccoli, occasionally at the same time.

Tom said...

Michael hates cheese. Nobody in my life, with a notable exception, has ever hated cheese. Who hates cheese? My oldest daughter puts french fries in her burger and mixes cheese and peanut butter in her Top Ramen. My youngest daughter eats Ramen dry. Both of them can down a gallon of milk in an afternoon, whereas Michael doesn't much like milk, as it is a close cousin to Cheese.

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