Saturday, July 19, 2008

Twisted Thoughts

My mind sometimes wanders off to some pretty strange places. However, having the very self entertaining twisted sense of humor that I do, I share these thoughts with actual people. That's probably not wise, but it also has it's upside. I am never the friend that gets asked to babysit.

If your sense of humor is as twisted as mine (< .5% of the population), you will have a lot of fun with this. If your reading my blog, you most likely fall into this category.

*Disclaimer -this is only a a hypothetical. Just an interesting way to evaluate your friends personalities and qualities. Do Not Attempt.*

Okay- here we go : You are alone in your house. There is a dead body in your kitchen (have your own fun deciding how it got there). You are unable to call police, the situation is too incriminating (just go with it, like the last Indiana Jones movie). Who among your friends do you call to help you dispose of the body?

Now the fun part is evaluating your friends. Who could you trust not to report you to the authorities? Who would be willing to help, but does not have the stomach for it? Who would help today, but could never keep their trap shut for the long term? Who wouldn't report you, but wouldn't be willing be willing to get their hands dirty? Who would just pretend that this phone call never happened? And who has got your back, will help out, get their hands dirty and never speak of it again? This person is your best friend.

Now I want to hear your thoughts and answers about who you could trust and why. The best/funniest answer I received from family and friends was from my sister. She replied that there was no one she could trust that much. So she would just call a friend to come over for coffee. When they got there she would lock the door, explain the situation and if they were resistant to idea of helping tell them " I have 2 tarps, we can double bag this one or I can use them both". (This isn't for real people!, read the disclaimer!)

I was truly disturbed by how many people said that I would be their phone call, but I should actually be flattered that I have earned that much trust as a friend. My personal picks of who to call is my best friend from college. She lives 6 hours away and would make double time to get here and bring the tarps. Now that's a friend! And 'Megan' of E-harmony fame. She would help no questions asked!

Give it some thought, hopefully laugh your butt of at the idea of individual friends reaction to this situation, and post your comments here.

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Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Wow. You weren't kidding about the weird thoughts; guess that's why I've loved you from your first post! Okay, I would definitely call Michelle, my sister. She's smart and has a mind like a cop, so she'd help me solve the crime and have it all wrapped up before the police even arrived.

Weaselmomma said...

Lol Kissin', but you missed the point. Not trying to solve the crime. Can't call cops without going to the chair. Would your sister help you get dispose of the body and cover things up?

Eric S. said...

Now that's a truly twisted question. I would have to think on it long and hard. I would prefer NOT to incriminate any of my friends. Although a couple come to mind that would probably willing help LOL.

nukedad said...

I'd be in trouble. If they're not blabbers, they're good samaritans. If they're not good samaritans, they're blabbers.

I'd the only man in town buying 16 tarps at Wal-Mart who has no friends.

Tom said...

Without going into detail, I'm pretty sure the only person I'd think to call would be the body on the floor.

Our Crooked Tree said...

That is a great question and a reminder to me that there are lots of folks in my life that have my back. I would call my sister, or either of my hubs brothers!

Heinous said...

I think my my BFF, Petra would be on board. I'm wondering about her upper body strength in this situation though. It would be really funny to thumb-bump the body down the basement steps on the way out though if she drops her half.

I have a buddy from college that would help too. There would be any of the hilarity from corpse dropping though ;)

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