Friday, July 18, 2008

Things That Make You Feel Old

Yesterday, having started out quiet, soon erupted into great fun and surprises. A few families in the neighborhood put together a progressive water party for all of the kids. Each house or 'station' had an outdoor water based activity and we would all move from one house to the next every 1/2 hr. to 45 minutes. There were pools with slides, slip -n-slides, sprinklers, and water balloons. It was really great fun. I wanted to have fun too and play with the kids not even caring that I was still in my clothes and getting buckets of water thrown in my direction. We ran and played. It was really a hoot until I decided that the slip-n-slide was too tempting. I took off with a running start, made the dive for the slide and THUMP! I hit the slide, but did not actually slide. All my momentum just plowed directly into the ground beneath it. Ouch. I was too big to play on the slip-n-slide. That makes you feel old.

We had a great surprise yesterday too. Good friends who moved away years ago, called and said "We're in town, are you free for a couple hours?". This was great news. They came and we spent a wonderful day playing in the water and visiting. They were such a sight for sore eyes and looked great to boot. The part that made me feel old was seeing the kids. The pre-schooler turned teenager, the baby boy turned young man, and the pre-schooler that I had never even set eyes on before. When did that happen? How have they grown and changed so much? Wow, what people they have turned into. I haven't gotton any older, so how could they have? Oh, wait a minute, I guess I am older too. Drat! That makes me feel old.

What was just going to be an afternoon visit, because of scheduling, turned into an all day and night affair. We had a fantastic visit and were so lucky that cahnges in plans made it an extended one. The kids had so much fun together and even after all the years apart, just picked up right where they had left off. The same was true for us moms. It's like finding your all time favorite, most comfortable pair of jeans and trying them on to find out, not only do they still fit, but they make your butt look good too.

So this morning, after having been up way past my bedtime, I wake up in all kids of pain. It seemed to be coming from all four corners of my body. As a wipe my sleepy eyes, I realize all this pain is punishment for being silly enough to think I could keep up with the kids and water sports. As I take my ibuproffin, I feel old.

When I think about it. I know that I am not old, I can't be! My mind is young and I still want to have all the same fun that the kids do. I am not old just yet, but I'm certainly am not as young as I used to be.

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Tom said...

I hear you about the old thing. I had a similar post about that a few months back. If mine had involved a slip-n-slide, though, I would have been posting from a hospital bed, and probably would have been somewhat incoherent from the morphine drip. Glad you had fun, though! Your neighborhood sounds like the one ours used to be, before we moved in.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Your neighborhood sounds great! We used to live in a neighborhood full of kids, but now we live in a wooded community. I love it. I miss the activity sometimes, but I don't miss being a magnet for neighborhood kids; I like the privacy we have now (no one knows when we're outside. :)

Chris H said...

I too would have been playing in the water.... and paying for it the next day too! Oh the joys of aging... I am coming up to 50 but so don't feel it!!!! Kids keep ya young... well I hope so anyway!

Darrin said...

Old is always ten years older than you currently are. LOL!
BTW.. it's nice your friends stopped by like that. I mean.. you always tell friends "if you're ever in town let's get together" How many people actually follow through with that?

Chuck said...

Great post. Yesterday my wife and I attended the wedding of a young lady that my wife used to give english riding lessons to. The girl was in middle school when the lessons were given. Today she is a beautiful 25 year old married woman. Though the wedding was beautiful it did not keep us from feeling old.

Thanks for stopping by D is for Dad and leaving a comment. I'm happy to have found you. :)

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